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Searching for and Researching Jobs Online

No description

Audrey Larsen

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Searching for and Researching Jobs Online

Online Job Search:
Pitfalls and Benefits

Web-based job boards (Monster.com) are flooded with candidates. You will have major competition!
"The average Fortune 500 company is inundated with 2,000 résumés a day" (EBC 408)
Many of the listings may be outdated
Low percentage of external hires (only 3.14% at Monster.com and 3.95% at CareerBuilder)
Limited: Job boards only post approximately 1/4 of all job openings
The Pitfalls of Online Job Searching
Use them for RESEARCH!
Many sites have resources for résumés, interviewing and salary tips
Sites are a "jumping off" point that can inform you about the kinds of jobs available and the skill sets required for a particular job
Sites can lead you to a company or organization
Gather research and start making personal connections. Do not wait for the jobs to come to you.
Job searching takes time, so start early!
Why use online job boards?
CareerBuilder.com http://www.careerbuilder.com/
Monster.com http://www.monster.com/
State Department of Labor Sites http://dlr.sd.gov/
Coyote Careers
Top Sites
Google the company name
Look for company blogs
Research the position (Accounting Assistant)
Check social media sites (Facebook, Twitter)
Find out who does the recruiting/hiring/resume reviewing!
Find out as much as you can about the company!
Analysis-Who is the audience of your cover letter/resume?
Understanding-What do you know about the company? What do you need to find out?
Demographics-What is their age, gender, education background, etc.?
Interest- Why are they reading your document?
Environment-Where will this document be sent/viewed? Who, exactly, will be looking at it?
Needs- What are the audience's needs associated with your document topic?
Customization-What specific needs/interests should you the writer address relating to the specific audience?
Expectations-What does the audience desire from your document? How can I anticipate these desires in my own writing? The audience should walk away having their initial questions answered and explained.
(Use keywords)
Analyze your Audience
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