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CIB Presentation

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EeXin Ung

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of CIB Presentation

Communications in Business 100
Group Presentation Irene Wong - Sime Darby
Mandy Sim - Sime Darby
Eileen Loh - Microsoft
Tan Cheng Xin - Cadbury
Ung Ee Xin - Shell Recommendation Gender Policy Aim to instill concept of preventing sexual harassment and violence
Awareness of indigenous to protect reproductive rights
First launched on February 3, 2008
Sime Darby cooperated together with Tenaganita
Being a positive example for other companies Benefits Local network:
Establish reputation and image
Self-satisfaction of workers
Welfare protected Challenges Indigenous:
Obstacles of instill knowledge of protection human rights
Government less willing to cooperate with them Recommendation "Save our Earth"
Establish an environmental program
"Purple goes Green" Ten tracks of activities: 6 delivery track and 4 supporting track
Developed energy water savings toolkits
Using renewable energy
More environmentally sustainable forms of packaging
Reduce waste and aspire to achieve zero waste Benefits Environment:
Less carbon emission which means less greenhouse effect that able to lead to global warming.
Able to live in a clean environment such as unpolluted air and water.
Increase company reputation. Challenges High cost to succeed the program
All the stakeholders have different ideas Principle 1
"Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights" Principle 8
"Undertake initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility" Undertake initiatives that challenges students to come up with innovative solutions for future energy

Shell Eco-marathon
It is a competition that challenges students to design, build and test ultra energy-efficient cars.
Objective of the competition is to create an energy-efficient vehicle that goes furthest with least amount of energy. Recommendation Awareness among the younger generation regarding the environment
A sustainable substitute would most likely be innovated if majority of corporations take up such an initiative Benefits Increases expenditure and reduces maximum profit of the corporation
Difficulty in engaging students to partake Challenges RECOMMENDATION Employees:
Higher retention rate of employees Investors:
Enhanced image and reputation Society:
Raise awareness on issues pertaining to child safety Form “Bill and Melinda foundation”
Reduce the number of people facing hunger
Improve health care and education level
Provide enough nutrition Recommendation Local network:
reputation and image improved
sustainable business operation
welfare protected Benefits Challenges Challenges Benefits Conclusion In conclusion, we actively urge members of the Local Network to implement the recommendations we have made, or undertake similar initiatives. Health Program Not all children receive vaccines
Vaccines are often too expensive
Supply shortage
Lack of trained health workers Implement Child Protection Policy Educate employees on how to promote a child-safe where every individual is committed to keeping children safe.
Ensure the protection and safety of children in all business activities and facilities.
The rights, wishes and feelings of children, young people and their families will be respected and listened to.
Immediate Action to Ensure Safety.
High cost to undergo the program
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