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How to ZERO the Art Line

No description

Jamie South

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of How to ZERO the Art Line

How to ZERO an Art Line
Align transducer to mid axillary line and then align with nipple

Step One
Turn the stop cock “off” to the patient—turn the switch DOWN not up.
Step Two
Remove the yellow cap and squeeze the plastic “wings” until saline comes out
Step Three
Tap the red line on the monitor and select ZERO –wait to see the (0) and the monitor will beep
Step Four
Step Five
Replace the yellow cap and turn the stop cock switch off to air (switch should point towards the yellow cap)

-The reading should look like a blood pressure reading, not just a number in parenthesis—re-zero if not obtaining correct reading, check all connections and transducer placement.
-When transporting the patient, remove line from transducer holder and tape to landmark on patient wall, this will allow for approximate reading while transporting pt.
-Re-zero art line with every reposition of patient.
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