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No description

Nathan Chao

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft

This is a Creeper
Don't get near it or
else it'll explode! It also
drops gunpowder. This here is a zombie!
He'll attack you and nearby villagers.
He burns in the sunlight and occasionally
drops iron tools. He also drops rotten flesh. In the new Halloween Snapshot, Zombies can be found wearing armor and holding items. They can also infect villagers, turning them into zombies in the Snapshot. You can probably guess what this is,
a Skeleton! They are ranged hostile mobs so try not to get to close. They might miss on their first shot but they can Aimbot on you after! They drop bones, arrows, and sometimes bows. The bows also have a low chance of being enchanted. LOL This is a spider. They can also be found with a skeleton on their back, often called Spider Jockeys. Spiders can climb walls and they drop string. Here is an Enderman, a very hard mob to explain.
He is peaceful at first and he can pick up and place blocks in his hand as well. Once you look into his eyes or attack him, he turns hostile. He will teleport around you in an attempt to catch you off guard. He gets damaged in water and is not affected by any ranged attacks. Ect: Bows & arrows, Splash potions. He has a low chance of dropping ender pearls when he dyes. This basically wraps up all of the hostile mobs IN THE OVERWORLD but theres still more to come. Please watch this video while we prepare the next few slides.... Okay, so like after doing the hostile mobs for Minecraft I kinda got bored. I don't want to delete this and start a new one so I'll just put different categories in this Prezi. BY
CHAO Demon Slayer Mercedes Cannoneer
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