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Orange Marketing Plan

No description

Ashley Cisneros

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Orange Marketing Plan

The End
Sunny Side Natural Orange Juice
Brand Name and Tag Line
Product Positioning
Monitoring &Measurement
Watch financial reports to make sure we are making a profit
Watch to see if consumers are satisfied with our product
Discuss with the retailers what they want and expect from our product
Check for brand awareness by seeing how many people visit our website and search for us
Get feedbacks and ratings from our customers
By: Ashley Cisneros, Amanda Hurt, John Romero, Whan-Il Yoo
Business Proposition
High in Vitamin
Drinking at least two glasses of orange juice per day increases the vitamin C concentration within the body by 40 to 64 percent!
One cup of orange juice replenishes your potassium levels by working with your body's sodium stores to regulate water levels. Sport drinks cannot restore this electrolyte balance, since these drinks are low in potassium
Weight Control
orange juice is linked to lower body mass among adults and children. children drinking 100 percent orange juice consumed less sugar than children drinking flavored milk and sodas.
Drinking orange juice is an indicator of an overall healthier diet. Higher levels of vitamin C, potassium, folate and magnesium were detected among people who drank orange juice consistently.
Brand Name:
Sunny Side Natural Orange Juice
Our orange juice is made of Nature's Own Delectable Delights from America’s “Sunshine State”
It’s going to be the first commercialized Orange Juice that uses heirloom oranges, emphasizing on the natural , freshly squeezed taste.
What is an Heirloom Orange?
It's the original orange that has NOT been changed or bred over the years to produce more fruit, easier, and faster without considering flavor. Heirloom navels are grown using sour root stock, which are rarely used now because the trees don’t produce fruit as heavily or as quickly than in newer root stocks.
Wake up on the
Sunny Side
Strategy Statement
Here at Sunny Side, we pride ourselves in providing America with the orange juice of the highest quality, using Florida grown oranges, no preservatives and as always, never from concentrate. We are 100% natural and our heirloom oranges provide the sweet, natural, original taste of the “old line” Washington Navel oranges our grandparents grew up with. We know growing things the right way sometimes takes more time but it’s what gives our heirloom navels, our only ingredient, their amazing taste. Wether it’s your morning snack, your active drink, or your beverage to get you through the rest of the day, remember to always
Wake Up On The Sunny Side
Objectives and goals
Market Share
Product Market: Orange Juice, healthy juices
Our Customer Market Are:
health conscious individuals
Of All Ages
Astronaut in the Gemini Capsule drinking orange juice. 1960
Of any type
on the go parents with children, healthy alternative to sodas
Historical Growth
Where our heirloom oranges are grown, at Cee Bee’s Citrus
Eventually become nation wide through our Retailers
Customer Loyalty
Create Brand name Loyalty
We need strong advertising and promotion presenting the Delicious Natural Taste that comes with the unique use of Heirloom Oranges
We would use famous athletes and other icons to promote our products

Positive Image
Many Fans
He started his professional career in Florida, Just like our Company
Tim Tebow
American Football Player
Our overall goal is to provide our customers the best tasting, quality orange juice and associate quality with our brand. Forming brand loyalty with our customers is essential to keeping our product alive in a competitive market.
Sales Volume estimate
Average calculations:
6 factories across the U.S.
10 semi trucks moving 400 tons on a weekly basis
In total we would be moving out 2,400 tons to our distributors a week
Our goal is to produce enough product to have a stable business and compete against other brands .
Market Analysis
Market Size: 760138 MT in 2012
Market Analysis NMSU
NMSU cont.
SWOT Analysis
: Healthier, Cheaper
: Taste
: Consumer Trend, Low Barrier
: Reducing consumption
Apple Juice
Grape Juice
And other Juices
Action Plan
Position Statement:
Sunny Side Natural Orange Juice
is great tasting and satisfying providing a easy way to achieve a abundant amount of nutrition such as potassium for heart health, Vitamin B, Thiamin, Folate, and a great source of Vitamin C.
Product Pricing:
Sunny Side Natural Orange Juice
price per 15.2oz bottle is $1.85 per bottle.
24 pack of 15.2oz bottles will sell for $44.40
59oz sells for two for $7.50 or individually for $4.50.
89oz sells for $6.90 individually.
We plan to have a 3% markup on our products that are located at convenient stores.
Discount coupons and special promotions.
Target Market
School Children
Retired individuals that have time to gather around breakfast table.
Product Assets
Healthy Choice (Vitamins, Potassium, Etc.)
Market Position:
New Company (attract customers with taste, quality, and affordable price)
Product Promotion
Sponsors at major events
Television commercials
Radio/Internet commercials
In-Store sampling
School snack for breakfast meal
Supply Chain
1,069 stores
$6.0 billion in revenue
8,970 stores
$446.950 billion in revenue
Top 50 U.S. convenient stores
• 29,527 stores
Since we are selling
orange juice we will
be in direct completion
with many large and well
known prossessors. The
processors include:
Suppliers & Distributors
Florida accounts for 70% of citrus suppliers in the U.S.
Florida Oranges
•95% of oranges go to processing
•Soil and climate good for growing oranges
•Considered the biggest and most delicious and they are grown right here in the U.S.
From Florida, we will obtain our oranges from:
They grow heirloom oranges and are located in an area where the best oranges come from
We will use the orange known as the Florida Early Gold Orange
•Outstanding juicing orange
•Rich in color
•Heirloom oranges
Working adults that are on the rush.
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