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Future Technology :)

My Future Technology Presentation/Prezi ;)

Dana Lindsay

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology :)

By Dana Lindsay Cars A New Chair Wristband Images of what (most) bathtubs
will look like in the future A picture of what most computer/laptop or accessories will look like in the future. Recent innovations such as the iPad provide an exciting glimpse into the future of computers. What cars or lorries will look like in the future.Conventional cars operate
at about 15% efficiency. What the chairs will look like. The orange chair is a the Sonic Care Touch, with a spherical cushion design that acts as a speaker. That’s right, if you want to watch a movie on the included touchscreen iMac This one small wristband helps you, when you wake up tells you how your body is feeling and what events you have today. Bathtubs Future Technology Computer/Laptop All my images and information are from google.co.uk
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