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How Technology has changed our lives ?

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7noO 92

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of How Technology has changed our lives ?

Over the years, technology has been responsible for creating amazing resources, which literally put all the information we need right at our fingertips.

Image by Tom Mooring
The advance of technology has made for some great discoveries, and at the same time has dramatically changed how we live our day-to-day lives.
Here are some examples of how technology has forever changed our lives.
Technology has killed the greeting card.
We are no longer paying postage to send out birthday cards. An e-card, text, or email has that covered.
No cards or letters
Now, E-cards , Emails and text
Change the way we share
We are no longer using the traditional route of sharing information. Social networks now allow us to share
pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime.
Change How we watch TV
Our TV experience has evolved. We are no longer prisoner to a TV set. We can now watch what we want, when we want, how we want.
Change the way we communicate.
Gone are the days of picking up the phone or searching for someone to chat with. Smartphones and the internet have replaced traditional chats with virtual ones.
The way we read.
We no longer need to carry books if we don't want to. Smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have made it easier for us to carry our books around without
breaking our backs.
Change How
we parent.
Parenting has now expanded to the internet. We now have to teach our children digital etiquette and warn them about the dangers
on the streets as
well as online.
How Technology
has changed
our lives ?

technology has changed the way we learn.
Very few educators would disagree with the notion that technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning process.
now we have self learning and different courses on the internet.
So, What about Future Technology That exist now ?
Hope you have enjoyed with me ~
So, what should we do to protect our selves from danger of using internet technology?
Regards :
Haneen Al-Aamri
# References :



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