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Mazen Jabr

on 22 June 2014

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Mornington Peninsula National Park
Mornington Peninsula National Park is located approximately 90km south of Melbourne, along the Mornington Peninsula coast line.
: I chose the Mornington Peninsula National Park as the location for my ecofriendly resort because it only a short drive (80 minutes) and this would encourage more visitors. Let alone it's also close to the beach which allows more visitors to attached more sceneries. Peaceful surroundings and the natural beauty of the bush make the area excellent for walking, picnicking and observing nature. Explore the walking tracks that weave through Greens Bush and discover the many different vegetation communities in the park - from eucalypt forests to fern gullies, heathla.nds and grasslands. Not to forget about the beautiful wildlife, so much unique insects
Eco Resort
Eco-resorts ensure environmental awareness of tourists and holidays makers is the newest entrant to the family of resorts - the eco-resort. Eco-resorts provide a low environmental impact means of seeing the world's few remaining and usually fragile wilderness areas.
How Do Rainforests Work?
Rainforest ecosystem works by providing consistent wet, warm weather and required sunlight that gives plants life and all conditions needed for thriving. In a forest ecosystem there is a creation of thick canopy that further benefits other organisms.
Mornington Peninsula National Park; climates, mostly beautiful weather, both sunny and rain, depending daily averages and records of temperature.

Mornington is a seaside town on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, located 57 km south-east of Melbourne.

The Mornington Peninsula features more than 200 bushland reserves.The terrain is very beautiful and green. These remnant areas of bushland are complex living environments that provide food and shelter to support many species.
What Are Rainforests?
For my introduction, i would like to begin with some questions , were will we be like in 60 years, will we still be the same as today ; living live normally, breathing the same air, living healthy?
Isn’t it amazing that we have beautiful nature and wildlife in this world? But yet the amount is slowly shrinking lower and lower. We humans today are creating new buildings where a tree was first grown.

I know that you can’t stop humans from cutting down tree, for all I know that could be their job. But did they know Trees convert the carbon dioxide we release when we breathe back into oxygen? That trees provide habitats for countless creatures? That we would all suffocate if plants did not provide this service for us.
Seeing the amount of pollution we humans produce, the amount of carbon dioxide we release among other chemicals compounds and elements, we need all the trees we can get to help eliminate some of these, if not convert them to other less harmful chemicals.
I know I’m mostly focused on the trees, but would a rainforest, national park, amazon, jungle would really be called that without trees or wildlife?
Eco-resorts are in simple terms larger and in many cases more luxurious than eco-lodges, but are still designed and run in such a way as to not have a disproportionate impact on their surroundings. These resorts tend to be more expensive than the lodges and they often a different experience to their guests. These resorts tend to be more focused on luxury and often provide once in lifetime experiences or activities as well as full spa facilities. Eco-resorts often also cater to the increasing awareness of the mind-body connection with their provision of natural and alternative therapies in luxury spa and restaurant surroundings.
There are multiple benefits that can come from eco-resorts, one of the more profound can be to expose, benevolent guests to communities in need. There are many potential gains from this exposure: if they are true, ethically fair, eco-resorts then they pay their staff a decent rate of pay and so stimulate growth in the local economy. They may also be able to involve their guests in projects that are of benefit to the local community.
Rainforests are the oldest ecosystems on Earth and are home to over half the world's species. There are two types of rainforest, the tropical and temperate. At the present rate of deforestation, the world's tropical rainforests will have disappeared by the middle of the 21st century. If allowed to happen, this destruction is expected to have a catastrophic affect on the world's climate.

Protecting The Environment

Reducing the number of trees that have been cut down
Not destroying wildlife habitat
cautious to their environment.
Use less paper and card.
Decreasing bush fires
Donate money to rainforest protection service.

Establish parks to protect rainforests and wildlife

Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down

Teach others about the importance of the environment and how they can help save rainforests.

bibliography :)


Use less paper and card- Using less paper means fewer trees being cut down for paper uses.

Travel Green- riding bikes with your family even going for walks, that can decrease cars polluting the earth.

Donating money to rainforest protection service- charities, a lot of us humans support unique charities, but there are such things as rainforest charities. So if you can support one, why not the other. With more people, the more the service stands out, after all the bigger the better

Reduce the number of trees that have been cut down, because have a huge impact on the world.
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