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All is quiet on the western front

No description

reece nuxoll

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of All is quiet on the western front

Lost war not completely negative?
Why fight?
All the propaganda says fight for your country. Defend your country. Serve your country. But are you really defending
country? This war was started between two other countries! Why should we even fight? Besides, the war hasn't benefited our country in the slightest. We have gained some land, but at what cost? Our nation? No. Our people.

Monday, October 12, 1918
Vol XCIII, No. 311
All is Quiet on the Western Front
Peace is on its way
One man quotes "This man helped me when i crapped my pants out of fear, he wouldn't have killed himself". Although he seems fearless in battle, he is the last man from his class, and has no home to return to after the war aside from mother Germany.
Franz Kemmerich died on September 8, 1815. His close friends include Albert Kropp, Paul Baumer, and Stanislaus Katczinsky. He attended the same school as Paul Baumer. He died of gangrene, after his amputation got infected. He left his shoes to Müller. He leaves behind a mother.
The Great War
Yesterday, a single man fell on the western german front. His cause of death is unknown. Usually, this is to be expected, as the front is a very dangerous place. However, on October 11, 1918, not a single shot was fired on the western front. His death is a mystery, and will remain so, as the army will not reveal any details regarding his death.
Men and children fight alike on the front line. By children, i mean new men. Men yet to be introduced to the world. Men without families and homes. All they have to return to is their parents, if they even return at all! These men are the nations children, inexperienced, and now weapons of war. It is wrong. So let us be glad we lost the war, because if we hadn't, our children's children would still be fighting it.
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