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Tall Tales

Learn about the characteristics of a tall tale and how they came to be known as tall tales.

Heather Meter

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Tall Tales

Tall Tales Details in the story are
exaggerated beyond belief Characteristics The main character has a regular job but is larger-than-life or superhuman in his or her abilities. The character has a problem or problems that he or she solves in a funny way. Details in the story are exaggerated beyond belief. The characters use everyday language and are like common people in behavior. History Settlers were convinced that their new life
would bring new opportunities their
way and a better way of life... They very quickly discovered
that life was a lot tougher... ...but easier with HUMOR! Suddenly, the farmers started to say things such as... "It could be so hot one day that the
corn popped, and so cold the next day
that a bucket of water would freeze so
fast that the ice would still be warm." The settlers loved to exaggerate when they would tell tales and sometimes they got carried away. Thus... We have TALL TALES today that have been passed down from generation to generation. Pecos Bill John Henry Johnny Appleseed Annie Oakley
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