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Megan's housing timeline

This prezi demonstrates all of the buildings Megan has lived in and predicts where she might go from here.

Megan Wenn

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Megan's housing timeline

Megan's housing timeline
1925 Halsted St. Chicago
Pilsen Somewhere
In this pilsen house
I had a cat named Purr.
She had 17 litters.
Illini Drive in Rockford, IL
Purr did not make the trip
We got a goldfish instead
RENTAL with Parents
Buckingham Drive
The American Dream
A Slice of the Pie
After highschool
Rented with friends
Mom and Dad Divorced
Mom bought another ranch style home
Married to hubby Joe
We had little Maddy and owned the home
a rental was in the basement
We sold Armitage to buy several other investment properties. We lived in 3135 W. Belden for several years and still own it.
We bought 3115 Belden as an investment.
We moved out of 3135 to have a single family home.
This is where we could have enough space for Bella!
We sold 3115 Belden individually as condos and the house with Bella to buy the farm in Edgerton.
We had little Abigail here!!
Bella had a litter of pups.
We had our third daughter, FOSTER.
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