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The life in Sada 50 years ago and now

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Martin Porto Sanchez

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The life in Sada 50 years ago and now

50 years ago in the families the men and the women worked. The men worked in the sea and the women worked in the factories of fish.

Now the sea-factories are in crisis and the people work in anything they can find
There were other factories in the city that didn´t work with sea food . More examples were:
"La Tejera"( this factory made tiles to cover the roof of the houses and bricks , in this factory my great-grandfather worked)

"La Terraza" is an important building in Sada . In the past it touched the sea with its terrace and the children went there to jump to the sea and swim . In the past "La Terraza" was a tram station ( 1922) too.

Now the building is the same as it was in the past because the government ban any changes in it.

"Astilleros San Jurjo"( this factory made boats and ships for the sailors )
The most important factories in Sada in 1963 was:
"Conservas A Xefa" ( this factory made canned-fish, tuna and sea food)

The life in Sada 50 years ago and now
Martín Porto Sánchez 4º ESO

"Fábrica del hielo" ( this factory makes ice to preserve the fish and the seafood that the sailors fish)
Now this factory is still working but it is located in the dock
Now this factory is led by Sanjurjo´s sons
"Fábrica de pescado Fernández Arévalo" (this factory prepares fish to take it to the shops)
Now this factory works the same and in the same place
"Cetárea AIR MAR" ( this factory works as a fish farm)
I don´t know if this factory is working now
This factory closed in 1970.
There were two interesting factories in Sada :
"Fábrica de chocolate" and " Fábrica de gaseosas".( these factories made products for its consumers)
These factories have already close too
"Fábrica de maderas Mosquera" (is a family factory that sold all kins of woods and measures)
"Fábrica de cerámica El Castro"(It was a factory that made products of decoration for the houses)
Now this factory is still working
Some interesting things in Sada 50 years ago were :
"Yate Azor" ( it was a recreation ship where Franco went to Sada on holiday( he went to "Pazo of Meirás") , "El Martillo" was built so that he could dock )
There were a four types of coins in España("El patacón", "el real","la rubia" it was the same as "la peseta" and " el duro")
In Sada there were in the past two strange events
There were two animals stranded:
One of this was a dead whale that arrived to Sada.
The strangest event was a enormous leatherback sea turtle that stranded in Sada. The sucess was so famous that Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente came to look after the animal until it could swim
There were two cinemas in Sada one of them was "El cine Royalty" more known as "El cine de abajo"
Now the two cinemas have been demolished
There was a famous spot of a new type of wheels(Pirelli) in Sada. The man drove the car very fast and fell of the port
The families
The families in Sada in the past were very big. A normal family had 4 or 5 children

Every year in August they threw a balloon that was 23,5 metres high and 45 metres in diameter. The last time that this happened was in 1963
Now this factory has been demolished and they have built buildings in that place

Now it´s very different, the families have 1 or 2 children
50 years ago the families lived in small houses with few comforts
Now the families live in chalets or flats with many comforts
5o years ago very few people had their own car.In these years the 600 appeared
Now the people have two or three cars per family
50 years ago the people married .
Now the people go to live together
50 years ago the people began to wear the fashion UNISEX, appeared the bikini
Now the people wear the casual clothes (jeans ,T-shirt,trainers,...)
50 years ago the families in Sada didn´t go on holiday .
Now the people in Sada that go on holiday take the aeroplane, car, bus or train.
This factory closed on 30 May 2012
50 years ago the fashion UNISEX appeared
Now the people wear casual clothes ( T-shirt,jeans,trainers,...)
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