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SROI measurement

Understanding the social return on investment. Terms and definitions. What gets measured gets valued.

Stefanie Roßegger

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of SROI measurement

Finally Track key social media activities over time
Set up analytic tools: Google Analytics
Make necessary adjustments to increase qualitative first: many times quantitative numbers follow qualitative efforts
Compare metrics to goals Measure SROI SROI Measurement What is SROI?

Non-financial: visitors, page views, fans, followers

Financial: sales, revenue, transactions, coupons

SROI does not have to be $$ to be valuable Measure SROI Establish before / after baseline

What did your online environment look like before social media?
- 5,5% YoY growth
What does it look like now?
- 23,5% YoY growth
- What caused the increase / decrease? Measure SROI Look at Key Performance Indicators:
New followers
Average order size...

Be specific:
Frequency, Reach, Yield
How often, how many, how much Measure SROI Develop activity timelines

Diagram exact dates in which key social media activities occured: blog started, facebook page started, FB ad campaign begins, FB ad stops, organization mentioned on techcrunch.com
Any events that may impact the campaign?
Milestones: 500/1000/10.000 fans, first link with 100 clicks Measure SROI Overlay all timelines and look for patterns

Social Media activities
Social Media data
Website Metrics
Loyalty Metrics
(Store Transactions)

Prove relationships
How were specific metrics related to social media efforts?
Facebook Promo
Twitter Contest
Application Launch Measure SROI Qualitative

Are we part of the conversation?
How do people perceive our organization versus our competitors?
Did we build key relationships?
Moving from monologue to dialogue?


Website Analytics
Social Mentions
SEO Ranking
Link clicks
Newsletter / Email subscribers Measure SROI Measure transactional precursors:

organization mentions
Loyalty Metrics
Retail Store Traffic
Free Sample Offers
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