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Explore Russia: how to get VISA

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Elena Erkina

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Explore Russia: how to get VISA

Explore Russia: how to get VISA
Step 2
To come to Russia most of Foreigners need visa.
Humanitarian single - entry visa for max 90 days.
Purpose to entry - cultural exchange.

To get a visa you need Invitation Letter from your hosting LC. Type of Invitation Letter depends from ep country.
Visa info
To obtain a visa a foreign national should apply to a diplomatic or a consular representative office of the Russian Federation in person or by his legal representative and should submit the following documents:

a valid identity document, accepted as such by the Russian Federation;
a completed visa application form with one photograph;
one photograph (30x40 mm);
a medical insurance policy, unless otherwise provided for by international agreements of the Russian Federation;
an additional certificate proving that the applicant does not have HIV (AIDS), in case the foreign national applies for a visa for a term exceeding three months.
Step 3
1. When EP receives the IL he can apply for visa in his country.

EP subscribes for an interview in Russian embassy and comes to interview on appointed date with next list of document:

- international passport
- Invitation letter
- Insurance (EP get it by himself)
- other documents (check additional documents you need for a issuing of a Russian visas on embassy’s website)

2. The process takes 3-14 days (depends on EP country of origin).
Please, clarify any details in the Russian Consulate in your country and with your hosting LC.

Don't buy flight tickets before IL has arrived - you can lose money, be sure you have IL.

EP has to pass through Outgoing Preparation Seminar before coming - it is very important for us to have interns who are prepared for cultural experience.

When you enter the Russia, the officials from airport will give you Migration Card. This card have information about your date and time of entering the Russia. Its very important document to your following registration in the city.

And the last thing you should be registered by Russian citizen or in hotel, i.e. in place where you will live. Usually registration doing any AIESECer. After this procedure you`ll gain the registration document. Always have this paper with yourself, like the copy of your passport.
Step 1
EP (intern) has got a match with TN form.
1. EP has to send scan copy of international passport (high quality, remember: not a camera picture).

2. EP gets The VISA questionnaire from hosting LC, EP should fill it and send back in short time by this link - https://docs.google.com/a/aiesec.net/forms/d/1y9YFPjOZ2Re3XDR_suPK23ylxtE-1tu5Oq6E3zFmahY/viewform
To obtain a visa the visitor must have an original visa support letter ("priglashenie to the Russian Federation"), issued by one of the Federal Migration Service offices. The letter can be issued on application by a citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as by a foreign citizen or a stateless person residing in the Russian Federation, or by a legal entity.
You will get your invitation letter by mail around 4th-5th of July, and then you can apply for visa.
We will support you in all of this delivery process! With love, ExRu team
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