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No description

yy tsui

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of hr

Double click anywhere & add an idea Sim,
Country Officer Maisie
Director Teresa
HR VP Other employees:
Nicole & Kidman Nicole: " -->get up so early….”
good leadership Smart, responsible
attract talents High efficiency
considerate Kidman: “ wish to look after children”
Other employees: “ deeply depressed ”
Satisfaction! internal survey:
Balancing the work and life Teresa --> Maisie:
employees' problem Maisie:
cannot be solved easily.... Teresa: "increase operation cost and affect work efficiency?”
“ banking industry : ”
“Need active involvement of
department heads”

Teresa: "pressure on department heads?" Maisie:
“ Clear policy and guidelines...”
Maisie met with Sim an investigation into
the flexible working arrangement Outcomes of the meeting:
allow more flexibility

won't affect operation and work efficiency (1) Flextime
employees can choose their own working hours (2) Compressed work week: work in fewer days
(3) Job sharing: >1 people share the
duties Job Sharing:
similar skills and duties
--> share their tasks
how the job is to be shared? deploy manpower to take up the other duties independent and easily accountable posts close collaboration between the 2 employees and the company complexity --> not commonly not necessarily cutting half of the salary. actual situation-->adjustment assess the feasibility Submit their applications company : deliberate, coordinate, follow up
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