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Thesis and Outline Week Three

No description

Melissa Warren

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Thesis and Outline Week Three

Objectives and Assignments

Compose a thesis statement for an academic essay that makes a claim and supports it with examples.
Construct an outline for a research paper.
Use thesis building skills through interactive practice

Thesis Video
Creating an Outline
Demonstrate the ability to create an outline that includes main topics and supporting details.
Identify strategies to organize essay content.
Complete the following using the University of Phoenix Material: Thesis Statement and Outline:
• Use the thesis you created in the
• Complete an outline for your final essay.
• Your outline must have at least three main points (I, II, III) related to your chosen topic.
• Your outline must also have at least an A and B under each main point.
• You can (but are not required to) use a 1 and 2 under the A and B level.
• Include your thesis statement at the top of your outline.
• All outline items must be written in full sentences.
Use pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs correctly in your assignment.

Post your assignment as a single attachment.

Outline video
Assignment Three
Write at least 350 words in which you compare and contrast the following components of essay organization in your own words:
• General-to-particular
• Particular-to-general
• Chronological order
• Spatial order

Submit your reflection in a Microsoft® Word® document.

Assignment and Objective One
ENG 147 Week Three Overview
Tips and Trick for Assignment Three
The information for the assignment is in Mosaics chapter 6 pages 67-75.
Here is an outline for your paragraph
• Define General-to-particular
• Define Particular-to-general
• Define Chronological order
• Define Spatial order
• Tell what general General-to-particular and Particular-to-general have in common
• Tell what chronological and spatial order have in common
• Give a one sentence summary of why organizational structures are important.
You may want to mention what method you plan to use in your final project.

Sentence Starters

Topic sentence
Organizational structures ensure that an essay will be logical and coherent.

There are several structures that authors can choose from to organize information effectively.

Supporting details with definitions
General to particular order is……
A similar method is particular-to-general, and this method organizes information from….
Another common method is chorological order which arranges the information from….
Finally, spatial order allows the author to arrange information….

There are some key similarities between the methods.

Supporting details
General to particular and particular to general are similar because….
Chronological and spatial order are also similar because…

Closing sentence
For my essay, I plan to use…. because this structure will allow me to….

Be sure to post your thesis to the share your thesis section of the week three syllabus for feedback from your peers.
Always ask for help!
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