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No description

Sami Perkins

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Suicide.

Lets work together to end suicide.
Mental Illness
Suicide Awareness.
video here
"At least if I die, they will put a plaque up in the school halls with my name on it."

A leading cause of suicide that can be prevented.
Often occurs without anyone knowing,

1 out of 3 teens report being bullied or hazed.

bullying: the activity of
repeated aggressive behavior
intended to hurt another
person physically or mentally.
Anti-bullying programs
blind to bullying
Talk on Twitter
illness: a disease or period of sickness
affecting the body or mind.

Wide spread
suicide: the action of killing oneself

Mental Illness has a serious effect in suicidal behavior.
People are not taking the necessary steps to prevent suicide and it's factors.
We need to take a stand against suicide.
People who have these illnesses need to be watched for top probability of suicide. This does not mean that others without mental illnesses should n 't be watched.
Dr.David Brent,quoted,'' We simply do not have empirically validated treatments for recurrent suicidal behavior.
Sad enough out of 6000 teens with mental illnesses,750 had thoughts of suicide and 250 attempted suicide.

Help those who need it.
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