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Abby Johnson

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Swisterland

The absolute location is 46.8182 ° north, 8.2275 ° east
The geography of Switzerland a mountainous and landlocked country located in Western and Central Europe. It is surrounded by 5 countries: Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south and Germany to the north.
People use cars, trains, and hike lots
People move there for the nice mountains, hiking areas, and the view
To see top of Europe, water falls, and night life
Human Environment Interaction
In 1986 acid rain had killed 36% of forest
linxs, Bears,and wolfs became extinct
linxs were reintroduced after 6 years
6 types of mammals, 4 types of birds, and 2 plant types are going extinct
1/3 of the country is forest
1/3 of the forest is dying because of pollution
They are known for and eat lots of chocolate
Their architecture is built for cold weather with lots of snow
They also have many different religions
Cited work
Commons, Wikki Midia. "Geniva." Wikimidiacommons. Wikimidia Commons, 20 Sept. 16. Web. 20 Sept. 16.
BY:Abby Johnson
The relative location is in western Europe, Switzerland is in north east hemisphere by Germany, Italy, and France
The Swiss flag represents coat of arms of canton, one of the three founding members of the Swiss confederation.
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