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SHRM Wakewood Coursework Presentation

No description

Rafael Carpintero

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of SHRM Wakewood Coursework Presentation

Hard Soft Present Future Rationale Do we have a CHANGE LEADER?
Provide extra support to CEO
Specialist in each unit
Provide GM external courses
Inclusive Management Vision
Strategy & Communicate
effectively Align the Organisational
structure Costumer Orientated
Design the Processes The Wakewood Group Analysis the current Structure and Culture


Design the Future Structure and Culture

Change Management Process based in P.Cunneen 2008 Strong, Visible Leadership based Ulrich et al. 1997 based in Kotter 1995 Empower others to act on the vision

and Mobilise them... Kotter 1995 Ulrich et al. 1997 Leaders of change Modify Systems and Structures Ulrich et al. 1997 Communication Learning & Development Team based Structures
IT Specialist in every Unit
Learning implemented in Appraisal
Learning based in indoors real experience
Enhance a supportive culture Assessment of Organisational Processes based in B.Conaty and R.Charan (2011) Control Tools Employee Survey

720º Feedback
Effective Feedback

Organisational Climate Survey Thank you very much Na Wang
Rafael Any questions? Communication
L&D sustainable approach
IT Support
Marketing Costumer Orientation Group Issues based in Lewin (1951) CULTURE STRUCTURE The Chief Executive did not pay attention to the unit.
Each Unit seems to be isolated from the others.
Lack of Communication Unit Issues Poor staff morale in the unit
Poor productivity
Fear Change - Technology
High Costumer Dissatisfaction
Increased Market Competition
GM and Power Culture - Control Tightly - 18 years Experience
GM not align with IT and Change based in R.Harrison (2009) based in P.Cunneen (2008) & M.Armstrong (2011) based in J.Carlzon (1989)
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