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No description

martina slesinger

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Recruitment

“Recruitment is the process of searching for perspective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization.”

Edwin B. Flippo

Step I.: Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need
What is the problem I am experiencing?
What caused the problem?
Is it a short term or seasonal problem?
Why is it a problem?
What effect is the situation having on the business?
What will I achieve by solving it? Are there any alternative solutions to the problem?
Step II.: Develop Position Description
1. Identification of the job.
2. What needs to be done?
3. How must it be done?
4. What is involved in getting it done?
5. What skills are needed?
7. What are the physiological requirements?
7. What are the working conditions?
8. What are the general requirements?
Step III.: Develop Recruitment Plan
A. Posting Period
B. Placement Goals
C. Additional Advertising Resources
D. Diversity Agencies
Step IV.: Post Position and Implement Recruitment Plan
1. The source of applicants (internally, externally).
2. The advertising medium (newspaper/s, radio, internet, employment agency etc.).
3. The message (the job title, job description, how to apply etc.).
Process of recruitment
Methods of recruitment
Internal Recruitment
Re-employment of ex-employees
External sources
Employment Agencies
Educational Institutions
Labour Contractors
Employment at Factory Level
Hiring from outside
has to be done!
"Bring new ideas, fresh thoughts & innovation to your business"
Variety of recruitment
In-house or human resources personnel
Social media Recruitment
Executive search firms
Employment agencies
Internet recruitment services
General Electric
Thomas Alva Edison
General Electric
Organisation Chart
Capital group
assets of USD 576 bn
employs 50,000
more than 50 countries
100 million clients

Evaluated CV
Telephone interview
Not lie
Not criticize a previous employer
Knowledge of the company

Assessment centre
Personal interview
Cause: GE Money Bank
Company introduction and filling job positions
Panel Discussion
Group work
Model situacion
Task: Phone conversation with an unpleasant client
..selection process does not end!
Quality selection process
Lower rate fluctuation
Increasing business performance
Reducing labor costs
Company introduction and filling job positions
Panel Discussion
Group work
Model situacion

Real example
I’d like to
thank you

for your attention and interest.
in One Day
Money Bank
payment and credit cards
loan consolidation
investment products
loan insurance
Evaluated CV
Telephonic interview
Assessment center
Personal interview

Language courses
Students organizations (AIESEC, IAESTE ..)
Work experience
Test AC!
Introduce myself
Job questions:
1. Why I applied for this position?
2. Why did the company choose me?

Task: Our company is in the red figures and we need hire new employee. We got five different profiles of people not one of them was not a good candidate. Our task was to choose the one applicant together and justify our choice. That time limit of fifteen minutes.
What did you change on model conversation?
How did you feel during the model situation?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Selection is the process
of picking individuals
who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in organization.
Review Applicants
and Develop Short List

1. Candidates will complete an electronic applicant
2. Each committee member may provide comments
to each Applicant’s qualifications.
3. the search committee’s review of each Applicant
4. the Chair or Chair’s Associate will review all search committee comments
5. develop the short list.
6. approved candidate
7. interview.
Conduct Interview
It is the opportunity for the employer and prospective employee to learn more about each other and validate information provided by both.
for the Interview
- opportunity to evaluate the skills
and competencies
- validate the information
the applicant has provided in their application and resume.
The Interviewer can
check their physical appearance
assesses the interviewees social skills
check whether the interviewees communications skills are up to the required standard
see how confident the interviewee is
discuss information on the application form
judge whether the interviewee will work effectively with colleagues in the department
The Interviewee can
check the working conditions
ask about training and other opportunities
discuss future prospects/promotions
judge the friendliness or otherwise of existing staff
see the facilities available

Kinds of Interviews
phone interviews
panel interviews
virtual interviews

Interview questions
Why you want to work at our company?
Can you work under pressure?
What are your goals?
What motivates you to do good job?
Give me an example of your creativity.
How much salary do you expect?
Have you got any questions for me?

Upon completing
the Interview...
- Committee members will complete
the Search Committee Interview Rating

- Sheet which is forwarded to the Committee Chair at the end of the interviews.
- intelligence test
- personality test
- aptitude test

- ask applicants
to provide 2 references,
usually from previous employers and reputable personal acquaintances
- verbal offer of employment
- preparation of the Offer of Employment letter
- completion of the Authorization
to Pay a Monthly Salary From Grant
and Contract Funds form
- finalization
of the written rationale for the selection
-notification to other interviewed candidates that another candidate
has been offered and accepted
the position.
Recrutiment & Selection
by Martina, Justyna & Lenka
1. Recritument

2. Selection

3. Real example in the company
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