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Copy of Presentation Annette Lawlor L10n People Limerick

No description

Julie Molierac

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Presentation Annette Lawlor L10n People Limerick

Part 1: Your Profile Essentials

1. Basic information
2. Profile Photo
3. Summary
4. Work Experience &
5. Education
6. Skills & Expertise
7. 50+ connections

Careers in Localization and finding a job using social media
People that have done it and
what they say
Career paths
How to find a job using social media
What Grainne has to say about her career in the industry
How do recruiters find you?
Recruiters database is the web
Social Media profiles up to date
Boolean Basics
Many more

Tony O’Dowd
Size of the Industry


There’s a
staffing Shortage

to the greater public


Careers progression

Learn about
Other Cultures

Be Your
Own Boss



Why a career in Localization
Life before babies and Localization

Passionate about good recruitment practices, Sourcing Ninja, Boolean Black Belt

Localization Niche recruiter

Yoga practitioner
Speaker: Annette Lawlor, Founder of L10n People

BA in Applied Languages DCU


VP sales at Sajan

Freelance Globalization consultant
CSO: Vistatec
Director Strategic accounts Moravia
Vendor and Language services manager Simultrans

Grainne Maycock
“Anyone with a
love of languages
would be ideally suited to this dynamic and
global space

“No two days are the same, my responsibility spans people management for sales teams and solutions architects across Europe and the Americas as well as responsibility for corporate marketing. Much time is spent diagnosing client needs and motivating a team of expert sales representatives to come up with the best solutions to meet those needs.
My DCU degree in Applied Languages laid a solid foundation for understanding the language and quality requirements of product and marketing release as well as end user experience across locales. Back when I was an undergraduate student we were told that teaching languages was the key career choice. Little about localisation was discussed at career days
Almost 15 years later Ireland was the birthplace of this major industry and still leads the charge with academic industry partnerships with bodies like the Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL)laying the foundation for the future.
The diversity, travel and cultural mix that localisation presents you with, as well as the commercial and language elements, makes it an exciting place to be.”

Grainne Maycock
VP Sales at Sajan

BSc Computer Science Trinity
Fellowship Localization Industry, University Limerick
Research MT in the Cloud, Cloud computing, DCU.


Director Excelerator
Director Alchemy Software Development
GM Corel Corp
Technology manager Symantec
Assistant lecturer Trinity
Principal development engineer, Lotus Development Corporation

What Tony has to say about his career in the industry
“Every day brings
new technical challenges
that require
unique solutions

“I was offered a job at Lotus Development Corp in my final year of college as a software developer within their Localisation team. Although I studied Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, I had no idea what localisation was, but found out very quickly. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! I was able to combine a love for travelling with a great job in one of the largest software development companies in the world. It just couldn’t get better than that!
I went on to hold senior roles at Symantec and Corel Corporation, creating products that were the first of their kind in the industry and changed the localisation process. I then started my own company, Alchemy Software Development, which produced localisation tools that are used by 80% of the largest software development companies in the world to speed up their entry into international markets.
Having sold Alchemy, I have now started a new company that aims to produce cutting-edge localisation technology. The things that I like best about about my role are diversity, challenges and the people. Every day brings new technical challenges that require innovative and unique solutions. I just love being an engineer (i.e. fixing things). Additionally, I work with great people and excellent clients that bring great diversity in the challenges and solutions that need to be developed.
Localisation is a fantastic career area for engineers who wish to work for some of the largest software companies in the world and continuously develop their careers in international markets. It’s a real gateway opportunity to travel and experience many cultures and countries.”

Tony O’Dowd
Owner and CEO, Xcelerator

Wide variety of Industries

IT, Life Science, Games, E-Learning, Financial, Digital Media, Language services providers

Careers for Graduates include:

Localization engineering, project management, Quality management, translation, Language technology specialists, language coordination, vendor management and supply chain, sales and account management.

Don’t rely on social Media Alone

Job boards
Job aggregators e.g. Indeed
LinkedIN saved search
Twitter job search
Nice Recruitment Agency for your Industry
Create or Modify your LinkedIN Profile and become an “all Star”

of companies use LinkedIN to recruit new employees

of these companies use linkedIN on a daily basis

In 2013,
of all job openings were posted on LinkedIn, and 48% of these jobs are never posted anywhere else.
Indeed Job Aggregator –scraping about 90% of advertised jobs
How to become an “all star”
Basic information

e.g. Founder Localization Niche recruitment company consulting with localization talent across the globe @annettel10n

Profile Photo
Did you know, according to LinkedIn your profile is 7 times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo? Well now you do!
Choosing to put little or no information in this section is just plain foolish!


Education and Work Experience
To achieve All-Star status on your LinkedIn profile, you must have your educational background listed and a
minimum of three job roles

Including Skills & Expertise
The Skills & Expertise section of your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity for you to
add keywords
that describe what you do and
your abilities.

Having 50+ connections
Being connected on LinkedIn is a must - and to get to All-Star, you must be connected to
at least 50 people
. So, get networking!

Most recruiters out there are tweeting their jobs all day every day!
You can search those Jobs

(job OR jobs OR career OR careers)
(“job title 1” OR “job title 2”)
“location name”

e.g. (job OR jobs OR career OR careers) (Localization engineer OR “Language technology specialist”) dublin
Click on Save button in top right hand corner

Any Questions? The time is yours!
(localization or localisation or l10n or translation) title:(project manager) –junior
Ireland: +353 1 524 1481
: +353 87 7400113

USA: +1 415 906 5283

Uk : +44 203 773 7987

Poland : +48 128811046

email: alawlor@l10npeople.com
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