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Ideal Dorm

Dorm comparisons

tabetha reece

on 4 October 2010

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Transcript of Ideal Dorm

Dorm is Where the Heart Is Ideal Dorms Dorm Criteria Thesis West End - Chez Nous East End - Clapper Hall Sweetland Hall Conclusion Laundry Room Study Room Kitchen Internet Cable TV Comfy Furniture Lounge The Southwest Minnesota State University dorm complexes do not collectively meet all of our criteria because they lack certain aspects of comfortability and amenities and can inhibit student interaction. Comfortability
Promote Student Interaction Obviously everyone carries their own opinion, but our three criteria; comfortability, amenities, and student interaction, must all be taken into consideration when building, remodeling, or updating dorms. Pros Cons Have kitchens
New furniture
Guys have urinals
Not overcrowded Lousy kitchens
WiFi doesn’t reach all areas
No air conditioning
Old furniture
Girls have urinals
Small rooms Pros Cons Brand new and modern
Sinks in room
Air conditioning and heating
Large rooms Hotel-like and lackluster
Elevators break
Awkward bathroom sharing
High population
Lack of community Newer than West End, but highly similar
Living and Learning Communities
Different accommodations:
Furnished kitchen – Clapper
Computer lab – Selene
Practice rooms – Lincoln Center By Kalley, Christy, and Tabetha
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