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Michael Newton

on 21 October 2014

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An ascent or inclined plane that is used to connect two places one higher than the other.
Example: wheelchair ramp
A screw is a simple machine.It is a short pointed metal thing that you can twist it into to make it bind together.
Fixed pulley
A fixed pulley may be a single or moveable pulley.The pulley doesn't move but the effort and load do. Makes work simpler by pulling in the opposite direction the load is pulled.
Levers are simple machines that make work easier. A lever has a fulcrum load and effort has to be applied. Levers are used for raising a heavy object.


A first class lever is a lever that has the fulcrum in the middle like the one below. A definition is, a stiff bar laying on a fulcrum used to help move heavy things.
Wheel and Axle
A wheel and axle is a simple machine including a rope that unrolls from a wheel to give you many advantages.
A pulley is a simple machine that contains of a wheel with a round rim which a rope passes through used to lift something upward.
A piece of thick material that looks like a ramp its thick on one end and gets smaller as it gets closer to the end. It is used to separate an object or secure two objects. It does this by being driven into an object or objects.
Inclined Plane
An inclined plane is a simple machine.It is a slanting ramp which big loads can be raised by ropes/chains.
Third Class Lever
The third class lever is the one with the fulcrum on the left the load on the right and the effort in the middle.
Second Class Lever
The second class lever is the one with the load in the middle the fulcrum on the right and the effort on the left.
Combination Pulley
A combination pulley is one that has 2 pulleys and one is connected to a stick and has a rope that loops through to the right and that is where you pull down. and then that rope is connected to another pulley and on that pulley the weight is hooked on. then that rope goes up and hooks on the stick.

By, Aspen, Michael, and Bailey
Movable pulley
A movable pulley can be a single or combination pulley.A movable pulley moves with the load both the load and the pulley.The load moves in the same direction as the effort.
Rube Goldberg Machine
A Rube Goldberg machine is an invention that is made to do a simple task with many parts and very complicated. It was named after a cartoonist named Rube Goldberg.
Example: Mouse trap game.
Example: teeter totter
Example: car wheels
Example: broom.
Example: Nutcracker
Example: Crane
A force is a push or a pull
Mechanical Advantage
A mechanical advantage is the ratio force applied by a machine.
Example: flag pole
Compound Machine
A compound machine is a machine that is made up of more than one simple machine.
Example: zip line
Example: ax
example:car ramp
example: window washer lift
Example: wheelbarrow
example: jar lid
Have the same height of goal. You have 3 different lengths of inclined planes you attach the load to the Newton Gauge. Then you rest the load on the shortest inclined plane and pull to the top record the effort.Then do the same with the two other inclined planes.
simple machine
A basic machine that makes work easier when force is applied.
Is moving an object in a direction of the applied force.
all images from: wikimedia commons.com
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