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No description

Jonathan Wooldridge

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of demo

What are we trying to say?


The Thinking Shed

Once upon a time, a group of quallies were trying to solve the conundrum of how best to combine their old age arsenal of qualitative superpowers...with the new -fangled unending pantheon of modernity that was.... THE INTERNET.

They realised quickly that for the bread and butter qual work they were doing...online groups weren't quite what they were looking for. However...they were sure there must be some wonderful way in which the power of web 2.0 could be used. They searched the land, far and wide...but their quest was to no avail. Whereupon....like fabled King Arthur....they decided that the only right and decent thing to do...would be to build the future of online qual themselves.

Many trials and tribulations did they face. But finally...The Thinking Shed was born. But it was too beautiful a city to keep to themselves, so they flung its emerald doors asunder and verily did share it with the populace. And it so delighted the other researchers of the realm...that many decided that they would not just visit from time to time...but would live there, and take it into their hearts, minds and proposals. The History of 'The Thinking Shed' Soon The Thinking Shed was to grow in size and it's populace became many and varied. Diaries, photos and video uploads, coexisted peacefully alongside forums, stimuli, concept evaluations & questionnaire links. But soon so many visitors clamoured at it's door that the Directors of its fair dwellings would make a bold and courageous decision. To build The Thinking Shed anew....vastly bigger, improved, with room for new and exciting pre-tasks, post-tasks...and even, finally... a place for researchers of many languages. Thus was The Thinking Shed 2.0 born, not forgetting its roots in the errant thoughts of those pioneering quallies...but resplendent in its multi-lingual, research enhancing...world encompassing fair self. What can you do with The Thinking Shed?

As you may have guessed...The Thinking Shed isn't actually a mythical city. What it is, is an exciting online research tool that allows you engage for respondents for longer, enhancing the quality of your research. Lets think about Pre-tasks

Maybe you'd like to run a diary with your respondents before your groups. You know what regular diaries look like...and you know that they have a suspicious habit of being eaten by the dog...or left on the bus on the way to the group

They could start looking like this: Respondents Input Text Diaries... Easily upload photos or videos Ever been asked to 'bring the consumer to life'?
...Easy. Stimuli & Forums Suddenly the idea of post-tasks becomes a lot more exciting... How about after your groups and depths...? Easily get feedback on comms documents or websites....
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