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New Hire Orientation

Signal 88 Security Group, LLC Jessica White

Jessica White

on 3 August 2011

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Transcript of New Hire Orientation

Signal 88 Security Congratulations on your invitation to join the Signal 88 Team! About Signal 88 Security founded in 2003 Second to None with the goal of establishing a higher standard of professionalism in the security industry. Discussion Topics Chain of command
Statment of Authority
Payroll Deductions, Reductions, and Charges Equal Opportunity
Sexual Harrassment Policy
Drug Free Workplace Personal Appearance and Uniform
Cell Phone Policy Chain of Command DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN OF COMMAND CBS & LEB Staff --> Lead Officer, Site Manager, or Manager on Duty
Lead Officers & Site Managers --> Manager on Duty
Manager on Duty & Field Manager --> Director of Operations
Director of Operations --> Vice President
Vice President --> President The Chain of Command is as follows: Statment of Authority Independant Contractors The security officer position does not create an employer/employee relationship, but an independent contractor
relationship. This relationship is “at will”, meaning you may resign at any time without stating your reasons, or the "general contractor" may terminate the independent contractor at any time with or without cause or notice.
  Overtime: The State of Nebraska does not require general contractors to pay overtime for hours exceeding 40-hours in a regular work week. Payroll Deductions, Reductions & Charging Deductions:
If an employee/ contractor voluntarily resigns, or is terminated within 90-days from date of hire, the following amounts shall be deducted from payroll: Background Check - Not to exceed $50
Training Modules - Not to exceed $50
Drug Testing - $10
Job Clock Key Fobs - $5 (if not returned)
Access Entry Key Fobs - $5 (if not returned) Credit Card Authorization Employees/ contractors are mandated to fill out a credit card authorization form at the time of hire. S88 may process a transaction if and when issued equipment is not returned or paid for in full upon resignation or termination. Equipment MUST be returned within 5-days of resignation or termination. Employees: Company infractions may result in hourly rate reductions.
Independent Contractors: Company infractions my result in fining with a fixed monetary value. Reductions & Fining Signal 88 Security strictly prohibits discrimination against any employee, contractor or applicant on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or political affiliation or belief. Equal Opportunity Employer Harassment is verbal and/or physical conduct against another individual because of a protected status and that: Has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment; Has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance; or Otherwise adversely affects an individual's employment opportunities Sexual Harrasment Policy Sexual Harassment depends on how the person being harassed is affected - NOT on the harasser's intent. Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual gesture, physical contact, or sexually suggestive statement, which a reasonable person would find offensive, humiliating or an interference with his or her required tasks or career opportunities with Signal 88 Security. In an effort to assure independent contractors and employees of a work place free from illegal drugs and their effect, Signal 88 Security, through its administrative entities, have implemented the following Drug Free Work Place Policy:
  Drug Free Workplace Personal Appearance & Uniforms The following must be adhered to when donning the S88 uniform:

Uniform Shirts
Pressed, tucked in at all times
Free of stains,wrinkles, tears, fading and odor
Buttoned up with theupper last button not fastened Males Hair should be nealtly cut and should not:
Exceed the bottom of the collar in back.
Have initials or art designs carved in it.
Cover more than the top of the ear.
Exceed more than two inches from the head
Interfere with vision Females Hair
Shall be neatly cut, clean, away from the face and cannot interfere with vision or be a safety hazard.
No designs or initials can be carved into the hair.
Must be neatly pulled back and restricted.
Hair fasteners shall be small, conservative and coordinate with the uniform colors
Only those items necessary to hold hair in place may be worn. Decorative accessories may not be worn. Cell Phone Policy While Driving
Obey all state and local laws regarding in-vehicle cell phone use.
Get to know your cell phone’s features
Do not use phone text messaging while driving.
Always use hands-free devices, such as ear/mike accessory and phone cradle.
Position the cell phone within easy reach.
Let the person you are speaking with know you are driving.
Suspend conversations during hazardous situations, including congested traffic or bad weather.
Never take notes or look up information while driving. Sideburns
Should be neatly trimmed - not bushy
Should not extend below the lowest part of the earlobe or exceed 1 1/2 inches width at any point Mustaches

Should be neatly trimmed and may not:
Extend laterally more than 1/2 inch beyond the corner of the mouth
Extend beyond bottom edge of lower lip when the mouthxtend below the top edge of the upper lip
Beards are not allowed unless authorized by a physician for medical reasons.
Goatees are not allowed, unless a medical condition exists. Jewelry Items
No earrings of any sort will be worn while in uniform
Rings may be prudently worn.
Displaying of pierced body parts while in uniform is prohibited Jewelry
Stud earrings only
Rings and other jewelry items may be prudently worn.
Makeup may be worn conservatively.
Displaying of pierced body parts while in uniform is prohibited. Pants
Pressed, free of stains, wrinkles, tears, fading and odor.
Pants must be properly hemmed and worn over the hips at all times

Worn at all times (company approved belts only)
Worn tightly - not hanging down around waist
Military/Police style only, black in color, clean and well polished
Ball caps must be worn straight with the S88 logo facing forward at all times.
The brim of the ball cap mustride two finger spaces above the eyebrows.
When wearing the watch cap it too must be worn straight with the S88 logo centered on the head Never hold an uncessary cell phone conversation via text or on the phone while at a post.

This is a job, uncessary cell phone use will not be tolerated. Scope
Applicable to all Signal 88 Security Independent Contractors and Employees Policy
It is unlawful to illegally manufacture, distribute, dispense, possess, or use a controlled substance in the work place. Signal 88, therefore, establishes a Drug Free Work Place Policy for its contractors. Discipline

If an independent contractor or employee violates the Drug Free Work Place Policy, disciplinary action will be imposed according to established rules and regulations as set forth in the Signal 88 Security Personnel Policies section of the SOP Criminal Conviction
If an independent contractor or employee is convicted of violating any criminal drug statute he or she will be disciplined up to, and including termination. Saftey and Attendance
Use of Force Policy (Attached)
Code of Ethics (Attached)
Training Modules
Inteliguide Whats Left?
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