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Cats Year 7

Macavity the mystery cat and crime writing

tish bennett

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cats Year 7

All must understand the character of Macavity (Raf2)
Most should adapt writing to suit purpose and form(Waf2)
Some could use a range of formal vocabulary (Waf7) Which is the worst crime?
Rank these in your books:
-Stealing milk
-Jewellery theft
-Forging a treaty
-Breaking into a greenhouse
-Stealing military documents

You are the policeman called in to investigate Macavity.
Complete a suspect report on the crimes he has committed.
How will you lay it out? Homework: Write Macavity's diary entry.
Fri Right, let's get this Macavity in for questioning.
What do you think we should ask him?
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