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Agriculture on the Prairie

No description

Robbie Burnett

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Agriculture on the Prairie

In 2003 Kansas farms earned $3 billion by selling their goods to other countries.The most important Kansas crop is wheat.More than half of Kansas wheat is sold to other countries.
Midwestern farming has changed over time. Big companies now own some Midwest farmland. A large farm owned by a company is called an agribusiness.
Dairy farming is also important to the Midwest economy.Many farms in Wisconsin and Michigan raise cows for their milk. Some of this milk is used to make milk products,including cheese.
The biggest growing crops in the Midwest are corn, soybeans, and wheat
Midwestern crops are used to feed people and animals around the United States of America.
Agriculture on the Prairie
The Midwest is big for farming. The most important cash crops are corn, soybeans, and wheat.
The Midwest does a huge business in farm sales to other nations. Japan, Mexico and Nigeria are some of the countries that buy Kansas wheat.

Workers in Djibouti load bags of wheat from the United states onto a ship headed for Ethiopia.
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