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Is Nightcrawler noir?

No description

Grant Roulier

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Is Nightcrawler noir?

a. Chiaroscuro lighting
Elements of Noir
Is Nightcrawler noir?
1. Cinematography
b. Long tracking shots & Deep focus
c. Obscured scenes
d. Water and reflections
e. Bars & Diagonals
f. Dutch angles
2. Protagonist
Q: Is film noir a genre?
A: Yes
Q: Is it still alive?
A: Yes
a. Cynical & World-weary
b. First-person over-narration
c. Unreliable narrator
d. Personal Code
e. Morally Ambiguous
3. Plot Structure
4. Themes
a. Complexity
b. Urban settings filmed mostly at night
c. Crime and Violence
d. False accusations and betrayals
e. Femme fatal
a. Eroticism and sensuality
b. Fatalistic attitude
d. Virtue goes unrewarded
c. Alienation
Although noir may share some basic elements with crime dramas-- crime, violence, protagonist archetype-- the effect and intent of the films are largely different. This can be seen in the resolutions of the two genres: in crime dramas there's a solid end that always sides with the virtuous, in noir however, there is usually an unsteady ending that leads its audience with dissonance. The cinematographic style and plot structure are simply vehicles that aim to contribute to noir's messages of pessimism and hopelessness.
(Show netflix clip of movie- starting @ 1:41:30)
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