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Philippines HDI

No description

Ryan May

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Philippines HDI

The Natural diasters happening to this country causes society to start over again, Philippino Society Natural diasters This home of materials found in the natural enviorment show their inability to industrilize. Living enviorments The living enviorments for the general population of the philipines are for the most part huts scattered around the islands . Lack of natural resources Philippine President Macapagal Arroyo speaks to the country.
The country has much respect for President Arroyo for the reason of her elders role in the country earlier on. The inability to change governing ways shows the resistance of change within the country. Political Inability The social differences in the society leave many homes ransacked.
The inability to own land on the islands, Natives are forced to live on the water where they cannot get into trouble with the government, who owns all of the land Political Inabilities Groing economy causes overpopulation of the small dense islands Economical compettition Chinese economical dominance in the Eastern Hemisphere overshadows the Philippines growing economy Culture Manny Pacquiao, Professional Boxer, represents the Philippine islands with the flag after a knockout fight. Musical art is major in the Philippine society
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