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Caitlin Withers

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Jamestown

What do you think were some of the major difficulties the early colonists faced?

How might the colonists have worked to overcome these obstacles?

How did malnutrition amplify the danger and impact of disease?

John Smith: One of original settlers
Provided strong leadership
Organized residents to build shelter and grow food
"Work or starve" (if man wants to eat he must work)
Strained relations with Indians
Ordered raids to steal food from Indians

Early Challenges
Food shortages
Lacked of skilled labor
Lack of guidance from VA Company
Native Americans
Jamestown: Journey and Settlement
Approximately 4 and a half months (December 1606-April 1607).
1st permanent English settlement in North America
Joint-stock company
King James I granted the Virginia Company a
to establish colonies in Virginia
Virginia Company of London established Jamestown
Colonists arrive in 1607
Colonial America: Jamestown
Provisions and Boundaries
1606 Charter
North American Atlantic Coast between 34 and 41 degrees latitude
50 miles inland
all islands up to 100 miles out to sea

1609 Charter
200 miles north and south of Jamestown
sea to sea

Aristocrats and artisans unfamiliar with farming
Did not plant crops in the first year
More concerned with search for gold and other products for profit
Failed to
abundant game and fish
, starvation
Write a journal/diary entry, letter home, or point of view guide that describes your experience as a colonist at Jamestown. Be sure to indicate early challenges and hardships faced and explain how you might overcome the numerous obstacles.
Use your textbook, class notes, and the additional resources provided.
Why establish a colony?
Economic opportunity
Profit from natural resources (gold, iron ore, and timber)
Wine, citrus fruits, olive oil (Eliminate dependence on Spain)
Trade with Native Americans (tar, forest products for naval use)
Northwest passage to the Orient for trading purposes
Why Jamestown?
"upriver" 100 miles northwest orientation
deep water port, defensive position
King James I
Native Americans
The "Starving Time"
Cultural clashes
Jamestown located in territory of Powhatan Confederacy
Powhatan (Algonquian language group in Eastern part of Virginia)
Early settlers accepted Indian aid
Settlers took land and other resources by force
Settlers and Indians guilty of brutality
Climate: Hot and humid
Located near mosquito infested swamps
Water supply not safe
Malnutrition weakened immune systems
No resistance to New World diseases
More than half of settlers died during the first winter

Winter 1609-1610
Food shortage
Only 60 colonists survived
Jamestown nearly abandoned
Why is Jamestown important?

Who established the Jamestown colony?

How did geography impact the settlement of Jamestown?

When was Jamestown established?

Colonists at Jamestown
to make a profit. How did this impact early success, or lack thereof, of Jamestown?
Pictured are the three ships that brought the original settlers to Jamestown in 1607: the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery.
John Rolfe &
Explain the impact of John Smith.

How did the introduction of Tobacco impact Jamestown?
became popular
Native Virginia tobacco undesirable
Rolfe introduced West Indies crop
Production provided economic independence
Rolfe marries Pocahontas and secures peace (daughter of chief Powhatan)
Peace doesn't last as English farmers take over more and more land for tobacco farming
Carrying out the dead during the "starving time."
Tobacco industry grows and creates the need for labor.
A day in the life of a... woman in colonial Jamestown
Run the household
Care for the children and teach them to perform tasks
Occasionally help husband care for tobacco crop
Maintain an herb garden
Harvest fruits and vegetables
A day in the life of a...
Man in colonial Jamestown
Tend to the crops (especially tobacco)
Protect the family
Civic duties (taxes, voting, county courts, militia)
A day in the life of a ...
Enslaved individual in colonial Jamestown
Work on the farm, sunrise to sunset
Men, women, and children worked in the fields
Women helped with cooking, laundry, gardening child-rearing
Men helped with hanging, drying, and packing tobacco, and building and repair work on the farm
A day in the life of a ...
Child in colonial Jamestown
Work on the farm (simple tasks including sweeping, washing dishes, feeding livestock)
Looking after siblings
Helping parents
Take on more responsibility with age
Source Analysis

We are going to analyze some primary and secondary source documents

Source analysis will enhance our understanding of the lecture material and give you a chance to read first-hand accounts of the trials and tribulations of settlers at Jamestown. Valuable insight that a lecture cannot provide.

Work with 1 or 2 of your peers to read sources, answer questions, and discuss content
London Company refers to Virginia Company of London
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