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gs students

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Pakistan

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Pakistani sports
Pakistani people have many sports to choose from. Someone could play field hockey, cricket, football, polo, or squash.
Pakistani Geography
Pakistan has lots of different land forms there. For example, they have two mountain ranges. They also have a sea to the south. Other land forms they have in Pakistan are plateaus, a desert, plains, and rivers.
Pakistani "numbers"
Now I don't mean counting numbers. I mean the population, square kilometers of the country, and life expectancy for this country. The population of Pakistan is around 196,174,380. The square kilometers of Pakistan is 778,720.The life expectancy is 67.05 years.
Pakistani Languages and Cultures
Most Pakistani people speak 1 of 2 languages, Urdu or English. The culture in Pakistan is Pakistani. Pakistani women usually wear scarves around their heads called dupattas. Pakistani men wear shalwar kameez (pants) and sherwani (a shirt and vest).
Fun Facts
-Pakistan has the largest irrigation system in the world.
-Pakistan has the largest deep sea port in the world.
-Pakistan is the 6th largest nation containing 1 of the oldest civilizations in the world
Pakistan is located north of the Arabian Sea. Pakistan is also near China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan.
Here are
some extra assets :
The Pakistani Government is under the Constitution of 1973. Pakistan has a president, but they also have a prime minister. The prime minister's term is 6 years while the president's term is 5 years. The prime minister has more power than the president. The currency is piases and ruprees. 100 piases equals 1 rupree.
by Caroline
Pakistan Introduction
I think that Pakistan is a very interesting country. Pakistan has a lot of information not known about it. So I have lots of facts about Pakistan
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