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Backpacker Prezi

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Courtney Cole

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Backpacker Prezi

Safety Issues involved with Backpackers
Courtney - Characteristics
- Statistics
- Recommendations
- Future trends

Kris - History
- Economic benefits
- Destinations

Olivia - Kidnapping
- Ivan Milat murders
- Safety tips
History of Backpackers
Backpacking was considered to come about during the late 1960’s and 70’s.
In 1910 the worlds first backpackers hostel was opened in Germany..
By 1932 there were 2,214 Hostels in Germany.
Australia's first Backpacking Hostel opened in Cairn's in the early 1960's.
Ivan Milat
A backpacker is an individual or small group who travel on a limited budget, stay in low-cost accommodation, and carry their belongings in personal load-carrying equipment.

10.9% of all travelers are backpackers
51.6% male and 48.4% female
40% of backpackers choose Europe for shorter trips
37% of males choose to travel alone in comparison to 23% of women who choose to travel alone
89% of parents support the idea of backpacking, although 93% have not been themselves

Characteristics of a Backpacker
Two types:
Youth Tourism Backpacker - between 15 and 29 years
Contemporary Tourism Backpacker - 30 years and older
Budget accommodation
Interaction with different cultures
Independently organised trips
Longer duration holiday - minimum 4 months
Interactive and casual holiday
Purpose of trip is holiday
Adventurous holiday activities
Statistics of Backpackers
Backpacking Montage
Future Trends and Recommendations
Backpacking is a growing market in Australia

Design more specific promotional material for backpackers
Create a more accessible international presence for backpacker
Promote the volunteer opportunities in Australia
Incorporate government opportunities for training courses
Pursue strategies to advertise the image of Australian backpacking

- Ivan Milat shown on the left

- Convicted of the brutal murder of 7 backpackers (shown below)

- Sydney, Australia
Safety Tips
- Travel plans & accommodation details kept to yourself

- Do not hitch hike

- Do not share taxi's with strangers

- Do not stand out in a crowd
- walk like you have a purpose
- be discreet when map reading
- no obvious 'tourist' outfits

- Be aware of people around you

- Be aware of scams

- Watch out for drugs
Economic Benifits
Cairns alone collected $36 million in 1990
Australia wide, profits exeeded $207 million from backpacking in 1990
Created 450,000 jobs in the same year. in Queensland.
Backpackers visit destinations where their money will cover more activities.
Popular places are in Asia, East Europe and South America.
Australia and New Zealnd are also popular due to more relaxed Visa legislation.
Queenstown, New Zealand
Situated on New Zealand's south island.
The Adventure capital of the world.
Many hostels have a budget rate of $15.00 a night.
Activities include, skiing, hiking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving and many more.
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