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The Operator/Slenderman

What you should know about the Operator/Slenderman.

Cheyna Hennig

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of The Operator/Slenderman

By XD The Operator/Slenderman The Operator is a 10 ft man, who always wears a black suit with a black tie. His skin is almost white, he has no ears, hair, or face. Who/What is the Operator/Slenderman? If you're recording a video and there is visual tearing, distortion in color, and distortion in sound, then he is near. How Do You Know If He's Near? There is only one way to avoid him from finding you.
1.) Don't let your face show on a video camera; he sees through the lens of the camera. How do you avoid him? If you encounter him too much you'll get the Slender Sickness. Its a disease that can only be obtained while being in the area with the Operator too long. You cough blood and get dizzy. You experience memory loss after seeing him. If you're not careful then you might end up like Alex, under the Operator's control. What happens if you encounter him too much? Do the most obvious answer, run. Run and never stop, don't even look back. What should you do if you do encounter him? Visual Tearing Distortion Don't let this happen Or this will happen:The Operator is watching RUN!!!!!! What Happens If You Encounter His Minions? It depends on the minion. There are four minions, Masky, Skully, Hoodie, and Alex Kralie.
If you encounter Masky you might have some stuff missing after you awaken from getting beat up.
If its Skully then its not that bad unless you have a fear over being watched constantly.
If its Hoodie then be prepared if you friends with the creators of Marble Hornets. If its Alex then I would definetely run for he will try to kill you for the Slenderman. Masky Skully Hoody Alex Kralie Where Do You Find More Information About The Operator? Go to marblehornets.wikidot.com/introduction. Watch the entries all the way to the end. When watching them, keep an eye on the day it was posted. If you do, you'll be surprised with what you find.
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