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Senior Project Presentation

No description

kaitlyn wolline

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

Kaitlyn Wolline's Senior Project Presentation
Interests/Achievements In School
Played the saxophone until Freshman year
Currently involved in Yearbook
Took 3 art classes this year including Advanced Drawing
Honor roll for years
In Academic Top Ten last year
Awarded Student of the Month in April

Expectations After Graduation...
I plan on...
Doing an internship or online school with photography
Regular pioneering with my congregation (70+ hours)
Helping in the photography department, or attending missionary school in Brooklyn, New York at Bethel.

My Project
Paint artisan bowls with underglaze paint based off of famous paintings (Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh)
Paint scarves
Soup Bowl Night

For my Senior Project, I chose to do Soup Bowl Night, along with Felicia Belmontes, Brianna Schiedegger, and Trevor Collins.
February 16th, 2015
First started two years ago by Katie Jordan and Samantha Speaker
A fundraiser to help the Art Department
Make/glaze ceramic bowls; sell them
I chose this project because I'm artistic and it was something I liked to do. It also supported something that is very important to me and my school because it would help raise money to support our art program and buy supplies.
Reason for the decision:
Short Term Goals
To immediately raise money to support our art department
Help the public to see how important the art program is to students
Make everyone see and appreciate our hard work of making art and finding creative ways to raise money
Long Term Goals
Make Soup Bowl Night an annual event
Raise more profit each year
Help this event to become more popular each year
Encourage more students to participate in it the following years
Bowls: Step 1

The first bowl I painted was "Starry Night."
Started at the bottom left
Small round brush
First did small strokes of medium blue, then added mixtures of dark blue, turquoise, and light blue overlapping, then green and white.
Step 1 Continued
Done before glazing
Moved onto painting the moon; put blue and green overlapping the yellow
Started painting bottom left and right (wrong brush)
Finished by painting background; mixture of dark blue and black, then medium and light blue strokes overlapping
Bowls: Step 2
Around one hour
First sketched outline
Then used a medium sized round brush
Black glazing paint
Black and turquoise dots
Bowls: Step 3
A bowl by Pablo Picasso...
Lightly sketched the outline using an HB pencil
Painted left side yellow, then outlined everything in black (even lines)
Then painted the red, blue, and background
Did geometric shapes on the outside
Bowls: Step 4
"Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo
HB pencil; sketch the outlines lightly
Took a really long time just trying to get the hand proportional
Easy when drawing it on paper, hard drawing it on a bowl (curved surface)
The thumb especially did not look right, so asked for opinions from my dad and a close friend
Helped me to see that the thumb had to be slimmer
Used a knead able eraser to lighten the pencil lines
Step 4 Continued
Then moved onto the next hand with just as much difficulty
Started to paint the first hand using water color under glaze paint.
Started on the wrist and mixed dark brown with black, then combinations of brown and tan for the rest of the hands.
Finished by painting the background light blue, and added brown lines to indicate the cracks in the wall on the Sistine Chapel.
Outside with clouds
Step 5: Scarves
Start by nailing tacks into the stretcher
Tie rubber bands around the tacks and attach it to the ends of the scarves with clothes pins (stretching)
Step 5 Continued
Add "resist" (glue)
Let the resist dry and then completely soak the scarf in water using a spray bottle
Paint using watercolor paint for fabrics with a brush
Add salt and spray again
After drying, take off the stretcher and soak in a bucket of cold water for a couple hours
Dry and iron (set)
More Pictures
Soup Bowl Night!
Set up; tables
Help with odd jobs
Let people come up and ask questions; explain what my project was about
Mrs. Policastro wanted the Michelangelo so bad
Cleaned up
There around 7:30
My Senior Project was a great experience. It was fun, but a lot of work. It was rewarding because we all got to see the result of our hard work, and raise money for our school. I sold 7 out of 12 scarves, and sold all of my bowls. People bid between $25 and $35 dollars for them. That was very surprising. Overall, I raised around $215. If I could do it differently, it would have been to manage my time better. The biggest issue I had was finding time to do this project. Since I had to work most days after school, this meant that I couldn't stay after school to work on my scarves, even though I asked for more time off. However, I feel like it prepared me more for the real world about how I should manage time better.
Daughter of Rick and Diona Wolline
Two sisters; Kirsten and Kaila
18 years old
Jehovah's Witness
Dietary Aide at Wood's Crossing since June
Elderly is the best part
Don Quixote
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