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Information about Jupiter including, bibliography, illustrations, and Age Calculations.

Nicole Swanson

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Jupiter

Age Calculations
We calculated the ages of Sarah's mom(37), Cierra's brother(9), Alex's dad (58), Nicole's brother (18), and Diana (13).
Planet Questions
We answered all of the questions about Jupiter and put it into paragraph form.
Distances, Orders, & Days
How old would you be on Jupiter?
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Star Gazing
Description of Jupiter
Probes sent to Jupiter
Atmosphere, Gravity, and Temperature
Could another life form be possible on Jupiter?
Other Interesting Facts
Jupiter has 67 confirmed moons. The four biggest moons are called the Galilean Moons. Their names are Lo, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede, and they are named after lovers, conquests and daughters of Zeus. These moons were the first moons found orbiting another mass besides earth and the sun.
A day on Jupiter is 9.92496 Earth hours. There are 4331 Earth days in 1 Jupiter year or 11.86 Earth years in one Jupiter year. There are 10,563 Jupiter days in a Jupiter year.
Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun, it is the first planet outside of the asteroid belt. The order of planets before Jupiter is; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, then Jupiter.
Jupiter is 483,800,000 miles/ 778,500,000 kilometers/ 5.2 AU from the sun and 778,000,000 kilometers/5.2 AU/ 438,000,000 miles from the earth.
You can see Jupiter with the naked eye, but with binoculars or a normal telescope make it easier to see. You can see Jupiter during Fall, especially during October!
Jupiter has a diameter of 86,881 miles/139,822 kilometers. It has a circumference of 279,120 miles/449,200 kilometers at its equator.
Jupiter is 11.2 times bigger than Earth, so for example if Earth was 3 inches in diameter, Jupiter would have a 33.6 inch diameter.
Jupiter was named after the king of gods in Roman mythology, where in greek his name is Zeus. He controls the sky, lightning, and everything above. Jupiter was named after the Roman god because Jupiter is the biggest planet, and Jupiter (the god) was king of the gods.
Jupiter was known to be very outgoing, and to have many children with mortal women, but when it came time to mentor them, he always disappeared.
Gravity: Jupiter;24.79 m/s² Earth; 9.78 m/s².
If something weighed 100 pounds on earth, it would weigh 234 pounds on Jupiter.
Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Jupiter is made up
of hydrogen and helium, much like the sun. Water and methane have also been found in the atmosphere.
Temperature: The temperature of Jupiter is -234
degrees Fahrenheit/-145 degrees Celsius. These are some of their warmest temperatures.
Considering the frigid temperatures on Jupiter, we do not think like is possible on Jupiter, also Jupiter is a gas planet, filled with hydrogen, helium, water, and methane. So, if there were life nothing could stand until the very center where there is some solid rock and metallic hydrogen.
Jupiter is referred to as "Jupiter the Gas Giant"
Jupiter is the largest planet
Jupiter has the largest atmosphere on a planet in the solar system.
Jupiter is a large gas planet that has red, brown, orange, beige, blue, and grey-ish bands with with white clouds. Jupiter also has a large red spot on the lower right or left (depending on when you see it) about 3 times the size of earth.
Jupiter has had many probes sent to it such as Pioneer 10, voyager 1 and 2, Galleleo, and Ulysses. Pioneer 10 was sent in 1972. It flew within 81,000 miles of Jupiter in December on the 3 in 1973. Pioneer discovered Jupiter's enormous metosphere, the amount of hydrogen and helium in the planet's atmosphere, and the effects of its radiation belt. Voyagers 1 and 2 flew past Jupiter in march and July of 1979. They carried much more sensitive instruments and with the pictures that they took scientists were able to make the first map of the galilean satellites. Galleleo was launched in October of 1989 and its mission is to study Jupiter more closely than any other satellite. Ulysses was sent in October 1990 and it passed Jupiter in February 1992. This probe was originally sent to study the suns polar regions but they put it in Jupiter's orbit because it would take it right over the sun's polar regions. So these probes were very important to the study of Jupiter.

Jupiter's symbol is a lightning bolt, and an eagle, as that was his sacred animal. He is also thought to have 2 brothers, Neptune, and Pluto.
Age (Earth)
Age (Jupiter)
Sarah's Mom
Cierra's Brother
Alex's Dad
Nicole's Brother
Did you know that the average lifespan on Earth is 81 years old? While on Jupiter, it would be less than 7 YEARS OLD!

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