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A Street Cat Named Bob- Book Talk Visual

No description

William Donnelly

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of A Street Cat Named Bob- Book Talk Visual

Title and Author
This book is called
A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life
. It is written by James Bowen.
This book’s genre is memoir. James Bowen wrote about an event in his life that he remembered very well. If James had written about his whole life this book would be an autobiography, but he only wrote about one specific event in his life.
The book takes place in London in the year 2007 to present day. When James goes to earn money he goes to Covent Garden

Protagonist and Antagonist
A Street Cat Named Bob
James is both the Protagonist and the Antagonist. James is the main character in his story and helps a stray cat. However, he also struggled with drugs when he ended up living on the streets. His struggle with the drugs was caused because living on the streets and sleeping there is an unpleasant experience.
Connection to Justice and Themes
Some themes of
A Street Cat Named Bob
are perseverance, loyalty, and friendship. James had to persevere through all the demotivating things said about him. Bob and James were both loyal to each other and trusted one another. Apart from the themes, justice does play a part in this story. James obtained good justice after he ended his addiction to drugs. Although it was pure luck that he met a cat that would stop his depression in life, James still was able to live happily with a cat who he loved and cared for very deeply.
Connections to Life
James Bowen has a great meaning behind his story. He wants to tell the public that people on the street who are homeless are usually working hard for their survival. Apart from that, James explains through his story that friendship and trust can affect your whole life. When James had a disagreement with one of his family members he ended up homeless and on drugs. James also shows how trusting somebody who trusts you can benefit you in the future. When he trusted the ginger cat he ended up becoming friends with it and the cat saved his life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
Plot Analysis
James Bowen's struggle with drugs after being kicked out of his former home due to some disagreements with his family members. After joining a program that would help halt his addiction to drugs, James met a stray cat that he later named Bob. James and Bob lived in London back then and still do today. Bob began following James to work one day and James ended up making more money due to people's interests in the cat. James and Bob went to Covent Garden to earn money busking because it is highly populated.
A Street Cat Named Bob- Book Talk Prezi
Made By: William Donnelly

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