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Graphic Design & Visual Impairments

No description

Kareema Bowie

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Design & Visual Impairments

Graphic Design
Visual Impairments How can graphic design be used to better
accommodate students with visual disabilities? Essential Question Overview By:Kareema Bowie Dyslexia 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Essential Question
Driving Questions
Types of Visual Impairments
Types of Graphic Design
How Graphic Design is Used To Help Visually Impaired
Questions & Comments Classroom Accommodations The Visually Impaired Typography Infographics Graphic Design is communicated visually through the use of words, symbols and images. Graphic Design General Categories of Visually Impaired The blind
Functional Blindness
The Partially Sighted
Dyslexia Raised lined and embossed carve/mold with a raised design so that lettering stands out Christian Boer A tactile writing system used by the blind The art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. Braille
Reading Stands The arrangement of type involves
point size
line length Questions or comments ? Dyslexia - Disorder that
involves difficulty reading and
interpreting words letters and symbols What is Graphic design?

What are some Classroom accommodations for the visually impaired?

How does Graphic design help students with visual impairments ? Definitions
Low vision students unable to learn using their visual sense
Individuals with blindness has absolutely no sight The Blind The Partially Sighted Functional Blindness Types of Graphic Design Visual representation of information that includes
Data and graphics present information quickly and clearly Tactile designs Driving Questions Braille Typography & Dyslexie Statistics How Graphic Design is Used To Help Visually Impaired Unable to see properly so that even with corrective aids normal activities are prevented or seriously hindered Dyslexie is a typographic font. Created by a dyslexic graphic designer from the Netherlands in 2008 The Blind Functional Blindness
The Partially Sighted
Dyslexia Textile Design
Large Printed Books Infographics Typography Louis Braille www.liveyourmagic.com Six dot Braille Braille Discovered around 1824 www.thetexasschoolforblind.net www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs282/ www.customermagnetism.com visual.ly en.wikipedia.org www.sanandres.esc.edu.ar webylife.com http://www.mediamatic.net/31941/en/christian-boer Braille and the Blind The Partially Sighted
Info graphics Functional Blindness
Textile Designs ACP ACP Blind student
using a brailler Braille being
used for
education Braille Cup Competitions Textile designs used in books
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