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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

Book report

Kenny Lavelle

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie First Person Point of View Setting Main character hi List of things I learned Title analysis Written By: Jordan Sonnenblick From Steven's pointof view I think first person is very good for this book. It makes you see the other people's feelings instead of the author simply telling you them. This book would have been way different
if it was in third person. Instead of just
knowing the feelings of Steven, you
would know jeffreys, his dads, and his
moms. So all in all I think first person
is the best for this book. Steven Caring, because he stayed with his brother
throughout his pain, and his sickness. Musical, because he is one of the lead drummers in
all city band, and he constantly plays the drums. Couragous, because he stood by his brothers side, and was brave for him when he wasn't. Smart Patient Minor Character Brave, because he was never
too scared of his deadly
sickness, cancer. Hyper, because even with
cancer he constantly
wanted to run around,
and play. Playful, because he always thought everything was a game, and just wanted to have fun. Funny Humble Pennsylvania, Present time, and
at the hospital in Philadelphia. The hospital drives would be different, and
I think Pennsylvania is good, because there
is literally nothing to do. Jeffrey got such a bad nosebleed his mom
had to bring him to the E.R where they
discovered he had leukimia Jeffrey goes to Philadelphia for a week
of testing, and steven got jealous. When Jeffrey comes back
Steven realizes things
are more serious. Jeffrey gets a fever, and they
have to rush to the E.R All of their relatives rush to visit during
Christmas time to see Jeffrey, while
steven was doing nothing at school. Steven starts getting back in it, and
begins playing with Jeffrey more. Everyone at school finds out about
Jeffrey, and steven gets "popular"
He also gets more respect from
all of his teachers. Jeffrey has cancer His dad begins to deal with the
situation for the first time. The All City band makes their concert a donation for
Jeffrey, and they all shave or cut there hair really short Jeffrey gets a fever from an ear infection at the
concert, before Steven's big solo, and they are
forced to rush out and leave. At eighth grade graduation Jeffrey has two inches of blonde hair, recovering from his cancer. 1) Try to be nice
2) Stay Patient
3) Don't judge someone elses pain
4) Respect what you're parents are trying to do to help
5) Don't hide stuff
6) Never make fun of someone for having no hair unless their name is Mr. Smith
7) A big thing consists of many little things
8) Their is always something you can do to help
9) Don't eat the dangerous pie
10) You can always make a difference Letter to Jeffrey To Jeffrey,

You stayed really brave throughout the entire book. I don't know anyone who could have been that brave. You're also really lucky to have an older brother who looks after you so much. I also thought it was interesting how much energy you still had while having cancer.
From -Kenny Lavelle The title "Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie" is perfect for this book. The first word to the title is drums. The main character in this book's name is Steven, he is obsessive over drums, and band in general. He is always playing the drums throughout the book. The next part of the title is girls. Steven during the entire book likes Annete, and the "hottest" girl named Renee Albert. Lastly the title says "Dangerous Pie". At the beginning of the book Jeffrey, his little brother took his prized possession.(a pair of drumsticks) to stir an odd boiling concoction of random things thrown into a pot on the stove. This is my detailed title analysis. Critical analysis Over all I liked this book. I think it was
interesting enough. It really let you
feel a lot of emotions. Even though I
don't read much, I would recommend
this book to anyone. Especially big
readers. All in all it was an interesting
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