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Social Media in the Job Search

Presentation to Students Who are in the Job Search

Gina Johnston

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Social Media in the Job Search

How to Brand Yourself through Social Media
What is behind Social Media?
Where do I start and what is Branding?
How will communication take place in the future?
How are companies using it today?
How do I use LinkedIn to get a job?
How do I use Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram to promote my business/get myself out there?
Let's check out LinkedIn:
How do you communicate Effectively through Social Media:
The Five Key Thresholds of Communication Today -
From Distrust to Trust
From Complacency to Curiosity
From being Closed to Change to being Open to Personal Change
From Meandering to Seeking
To 'Buying' what you have to sell
Social Media in the Job Search
Delicious.com = Social Media Bookmarking

The links for this presentation are here:

Tag Category = Social_Media_Presentations

AT&T 1993-1994 'You Will' Ad Campaign Compilation:
How to get started:
1. Have a Company Name (YOU are a consultant)
2. Focus on one to two skill sets to start
3. Identify your target market (start with a narrow focus)
4. Have ONE picture that shows the real you
5. Have a Brand Tagline
6. Create a Logo
7. First Social Media Site to set up? LinkedIn
Complete your profile
Connect with as many people as you can
Join LinkedIn Groups
8. Start Networking in online! (Find companies/people to chat-up)
9. Start Networking in PERSON! (Meetup.com)
10. Commit to keeping this brand for the rest of your working life...
Erik Qualman's Social Media Revolution
Microsoft's Vision of the Future - Part One
Facebook Business Page
Company Responding
My reaching out to a company
Interacting with Students
Facebook Business Page
Which sites should I be on?
Create BRAND consistency on:
Microsoft's Vision of the Future - Part Two
Using LinkedIn for More Business Applications
Salesforce's Take on: Social Media Business Integration
Using LinkedIn to Find a job...
NHSoCal Pinterest Page
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