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Krispy Natural Case Analysis

No description

Casey Blake

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Krispy Natural Case Analysis

Krispy Natural
Relevant Issues
Central Problem
How should Pemberton position Krispy Natural in the cracker industry?
Focus on their target customer
Feature-Based Positioning

Emphasize use of natural ingredients
Since they have a strong R&D department, they can remain competitive
Continually modify & improve the quality and taste

Premium Price Positioning
Alternative 1
Alternative 2
SWOT 2 Analysis
Better able to compete with major brands
Higher profit margin
Segmentation Structure Graph
Low economy of scale
Health conscious food trend
Aligned with company strengths in R&D

Association with their cookie snacks
Crackers may not be healthy for long
Healthy Substitute Snacks
Market product through grocery stores
Whole Foods, health sections
Marketing Techniques
End-of-Aisle Displays
In-Store Sampling
Casey Blake, Conner Dorrance, Megan Kupferschmid, Bridget Nulty, Zach South
Feature-Based Positioning
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