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Human Rights Violations

No description

Brandon Hassid

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Human Rights Violations

CAUSES and ISSUES surrounding the Rape of Nanjing (1937)
The human rights violations involved in the Rape of Nanjing were;
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Why the world should have paid more attention to the Rape of Nanjing.
The Causes and Issues surrounding the Rape of Nanjing involved, the lives on many innocent chinese civilians being killed in harsh manners involving rape, demon like tortures, and cannibalism
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The Japanese warriors in China were ferocious Within two years after they swarmed over the Great Wall in an occupied Manchuria, the Japanese had swept south and east china 1,200 miles. Within that range their 600,000-man force suffered 60,000 casualties as they killed two million Chinese. Among those killed where civilians, butchered in an un-samurai-like orgy of murder at Nanking. That involved no pride or honer in their fighting much different from their previous incounters
This human rights violation didn't just completely degrade the chinese people but it also forced them to die with no apparent reason.
The world counsel, United Nations, and many other countries should have paid more attention on this human rights violation before it got this out of hand. This is a clear human rights violation as innocent people are being killed for being a part of a certain race, religion, and culture rather than being the same as the Japanese.
By Brandon Hassid for Mrs. Griggs-Bello
Rape of Nanjing (1937)
Human Rights Violations
The Nanjing Massacre, generally remembered for the invading forces' barbaric treatment of Chinese women. Many thousands of them were killed after gang rape, and tens of thousands of others brutally injured and traumatized. Meanwhile, approximately a quarter of a million defenseless Chinese men were rounded up as prisoners-of-war and murdered, used for bayonet practice, or burned and buried alive.
The causes of this genocide were mainly surrounded with a result of Japan's invasion of Manchuria and its eventual attack on China proper. This is where there are two terms involved as to when WWII actually started. the war was really fifteen years long and is referred to as "The Fifteen Years War" since some Japanese date the war as starting with the invasion of China.

More than 300,000 children under the age of 18 are being exploited as child soldiers in armed conflicts.
The children were forced to kill their parents in a savage like manner in which dishonors both the child and the family.
The females were sexually abused to the point of death as they were violated and killed for the pleasure of the Japanese.
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