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How does density affect everyday life?

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Thomas Smith

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of How does density affect everyday life?

The amount of matter in an object is mass. Mass is not weight, though. Weight changes when the force of gravity lessens or increases, mass does not. My mass is 107 everywhere, but my weight can change on the moon.
Volume is how much space is occupied in an object. The bigger the volume; the less the density. So, a boat is less dense than a penny because there is more molecules packed into a space. That is why a boat floats.
Ice floats in water because it has more volume because water expands when it freezes.
Thank you!
Before we start, here is a little about density.
Density is mass divided by volume. The bigger the volume the less dense an object is because it has more volume for the molecules to move around in. The more mass there is the more density there is because the mass is how much much force is pulling an object down.
How does density affect everyday life?
By Thomas Smith
Body percentages
Body fat weighs less than muscles. So when people with more fat will float better than muscular people like John Cena.
When your swimming you
float because the water has
less force of pulling you
down than pulling
you up.
That's what affects density in everyday life!
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