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Harveer .G

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of mesopotamia

Mesopotamia Mesopotamian clothing Jewelry Necklaces were made of bead of many colors and shapes. Both men and women wore jewelry, men even wore makeup I.n 1500 B.C women wore dog collar like necklaces. they also wore bracelets and rope like belts.Over the years Mesopotamians developed from just necklaces and bracelets to piercings like some people do today. Gods were often shown wearing horned crowns. clothing for men The Mesopotamian people wore earrings after they pierced there ears with there own methods. This is one of the types of necklaces the Mesopotamian people wore. this how some bracelets look like for the Mesopotamian people most men wore kilt like skirts. they usually would not wear anything above there waist. this is based on the sculptures and statues found. Also based on these findings Babylonians and Assyrians men wore robes with fringes. Also they wore lots of makeup and jewelry .Kings would wear horned crowns also fringed robes this is the type of robe was worn only women before but in the later years men started to wear this this is a make up vase mesopotamian men used often clothing for women Sumerian women wore very long dresses and some would keep there left shoulder bare .In 1500 B.Cwomen wore dog collar like necklaces, braclets, necklaces and rope like belts this is a skirt that men would wear they usually do not wear anything on top this is the type of robe they wore as you can see one shoulder is bare Mesopotamian food The Mesopotamians got bread, onions, dates, fruit, fish, lamb, fowls, honey, ghee and milk to eat crops would grow, dates, wheat, lentils, peas, beans, olives, pomegranates, grapes, vegetables The Mesopotamians ate ghee and meat from goats, sheep, gazelles, ducks and other things they got a hold of in there hunt. food cooking Boiling the meat into stew with spices and other ingredients was the most coman technique. A few of the recipes are known as vegetarian. Garlic, coriander and mint appear in these recipes, as does cumin, a spice that still has its ancient name in the present time. Mesopotamian people, mostly men drank beer an lots of it. Girls would have to learn how to make beer when they are young so they know how to make it for there husbands.Since they drank so much. Mesopotamian Government The city-states of Mesopotamia created the first laws, The decisions were made by the kings mostly all by Hammurabi Laws Hammurabi Hammurabi (king) This the stone that has most of the laws engraved in it it is found in mesopotamia Hammurabi was the first king of Babylon he is the main ruler who made the laws for Mesopotamia. His laws were not always fair. there is also a group of laws that give fines for the following

crimes or violence:

cutting off the foot: 60 shekels

shatters a bone: 60 shekels

cuts off the nose: 40 shekels

knocks out a tooth: 2 shekels

blind or knock out a tooth [free victim] 20shekels

blind or knock out a tooth [slave victim] 10 shekels

“injure the head” 3 shekels

injury leading to temporary incapacitation 6 shekels + replacement worker + medical costs

break arm or leg [free victim] 20 shekels

break arm or leg [slave victim] 10 shekels

bite off nose [free victim] 40 shekels

bite off nose [slave victim] 3 shekels

tear off ear [free victim] 12 shekels

tear off ear [slave victim] 3 shekels

cause miscarriage in tenth month (?) [free victim] 10 shekels

cause miscarriage in fifth month [free victim] 5 shekels

cause miscarriage in tenth month (?) [slave victim] 5 shekels His laws where not always fair, for example. If you kill someones daughter your daughter shall be kill. This is not fair because first of all it is not the daughters fault she did not do any thing why are you killing her. And It might not be your fault you might be blamed. That is why we don't have these types of laws today. The Mesopotamian people where experimenting with ways to count, measure and solve mathematical problems. They were the first people to place numbers in to place value. They were first to recognize the meaning of zero. Mesopotamian Inventions numbers! Math Writing
The mesopotamian invented a type of writing. The writing were pictures not the time of writing we do today. Most of the writting that the mesopotamias did where pictures they drew were animals and humans. Our writting has evolved now we just us words.They named writing "Cuneiform" the word Cuneiform ment " wedge shaped". writing was originally made for keeping track of what they bought or sold. "Cuniform" was writing on a clay tablets. this to this They invented a kind of money system by using clay tokens for trades. Tokens were of diffrent sizes and shapes. The tokens were put into a clay ball with the number of tokens pressed on the outside.this is like the system we use today this to this Money this to this this was a prezi prodution created and directed by harveer garcha Mesopotamia Rules ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! d

e ! ! !
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