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No description

Kevin Matuszak

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of FAURECIA/

Partnership Seat Systems Group
Goal of Partnership
To provide Faurecia the most up-to-date product technologies (Molded Urethane, EPP, SLab Foams, Flame Lamination, Assembly and Sequencing and other related components)
To support Faurecia in generation/development of latest innovations and provide them the ability to leverage these concepts to aid with securing future business with their customers
As Faurecia achieves growth with the partnership, Woodbridge will be sourced products by Faurecia in this partnership area
Resource Utilization
Define short and long-term targeted opportunities jointly
Develop strategy to explore potential opportunities to share resources
Establish needs of both companies
-Understand market conditions and Faurecia's future targeted opportuities
-Woodbridge will convey future product development concepts to Faurecia
-Determine synergy of future targeted opportunities and product development to ensure focus in the right growth areas
Multi-Functional Support
Kathy Dolan
Product Managers BU
Assembly & Health Care Solutions
Formed Plastics
Interior Parts
Lamination (Slab)
Molded Foam
NVH (Acoustic Solutions)
Stratas (Forming and Board Solutions)
PECT (Costing)
(Ada Ramirez)

Lukas Kalicki

Jill Stanczak
Dwayne Males
(Component Drawings)
Nicholas Schroth
ED&D (On Site)
Chandra Mohan
Business Development Manager
Kyoungrock Mohan
Engineering Resoruce Commitment
Kevin Matuszak

1. Blenheim, ON (IP)
2. Tilbury, ON (M)
3. Whitby, ON (M)
4. Woodbridge, ON (M)
United States
5. Atlanta, GA (M)
6. Fremont, OH (M)
7. Kansas City, MO (M)
8. Romulus, MI (M)
9. Springfield, MO (IP)
10. St. Peters, MO (M)
11. Leon (M)
12. Mexico City (M/IP)
13. Saltilo (M/IP)
Advanced Faurecia Support
Current Faurecia Support
Faurecia Opportunity Gain
Conversion was to be returned to quoted parameters
Financial Impact: $6,772,629
Faurecia Opportunity Gain-2
Financial Impact: $9,826,359
Total Sharing w/o Sales Committed: $16,598,988
Current and Potential Business
# of Vehicles

Long Term Objectives
Timely closure of all open issues by BDM (See established tool)
-Program Managers are using the same tool and submit this to me monthly. I will engage you if I see something not getting resolved
Faurecia and WG North American Locations
Assumes 5.6M/Car
Cost Per Meter $0.40
GP 10% vs standard of 15%
335K (GAP)
470K (Joint Strategy)
Better engagement from BDM and senior group to support Faurecia in a more professional timely manner
VA/VE System that is active and ensures benefit to both parties
Recognition of Faurecia as a global leader that is engaged globally with support from Woodbridge in key areas required
Chemical Mechanism that is True ICIS and is timely
Quarterly payments of Rebates w/o delays; LTA effective 1/1 of each year, with retro on new program launches

Ensure all of Woodbridge understands Faurecia's expectations and follows through to closure on any type of issue

Urgent response on any item related to safety
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