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World of Wonderful Clients - 14 Dec 2012

No description

Ponniah Chidambaram

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of World of Wonderful Clients - 14 Dec 2012

World of Wonderful(WoW) Clients Constant Change of Heart - Says one thing in the call but has a completely different opinion in an email after an hour Get everything in writing once an approach is decide upon; reject major course of correction after the fact Its tough to please everyone but if you know the types of personalities you are working with, you will be better prepared to have
"HAPPY Clients" and "HAPPY Staffs" Let's Get Ready Folks General lack of awareness of space - time continuum; belief that giving ideas means work is completed. Be Straight Forward - if they expect the impossible, educate them to reality Belief that he is the only client you have - deserving 100 percent of your time always..! Establish clear time table and meet all deadlines - so you can show him everything is on track Flightiness, often in terms of being out of corporate loop..! Agree on a timeline as soon as possible, remain confident in rejecting the requests that would endanger deadlines or projects for other clients Complete hands off approach - lack of key information even pressed for it. Take advantage of freedom - but always require his buy in at critical stages to avoid major rework Comes to the table with her extremely specific approach - gives little room for your ideas Be clear on what she is trying to accomplish - don't be afraid to tell them when their approach won't work May not know what she wants - but may be sure on what she doesn't want - this could be everything you propose. This moving target client is a real threat - you have to figure out a best way to clarify her...! (Saying No Vacancy is also an option) Penny pinching - extremely concerned about the budget..! Agree upfront on the scope - if they can't pay more for extras clarify that you just can't do it. Sends email at 3am- schedules meeting after business hours - wonder why you didn't complete it on Christmas day. Don't afraid to say NO if what they want would take too much toll on your staff Dream client - until you deliver the finished project and they realize they want to go in an entirely different direction Make clear that it would cost her extra if what she is asking is beyond the scope of original price quoted..! Latching onto a small feature - color - font or word - bringing work to a halt as a result Don't ask their favorite color, font etc - just ask what they want to accomplish; showcase your expertise and recommend options.! Disappearing for weeks or months at a time - suddenly bombarding with requests that needs to be done immediately Be Prepared for the attack - if your process takes three weeks for everyone, that's same for her too..! Usually part of large corporates - does everything by committee - even if its small word change or something irrelevant to project Force them to agree on a single contact for major of relationship - to at least allow one comprehensive view of the project Believes that she can do what you do in a much shorter time than it is possible..! As she is completely detached from reality - tell her clearly why it takes that time to accomplish. This is purely a presentation format of A Field Guide to the Wonderful World of Clients from Ciplex Hope, We are now enlightened and armored...So, Insistence on getting a little more/ frequent request to expand the scope of the project Agree to do out of scope work only at added upfront cost But this presentation is NOT about these customers..! Who are these Wonderful Clients?? - The One Who Understands scope and additional time/ money required for Changes..!

Accepts Project Timelines

Decides independently and provides right inputs

Understands His/Her Dependency and provides details

Very Practical in expectations on response

Understands the complexity of work This presentation is about customers who makes you feel FRUSTRATED Lets have a look at 15 such type of customers..! Here the customer characteristics is represented with the symbol - And the key to manage them is represented with the symbol - Suresh
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