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julia cotteleer

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Gymnastics

By: Jamilyn Rathbun, Veronica Orkney, Julia Cotteleer
How to Do a Cartwheel
Some people may already know how to do a cartwheel, but here are some instructions. These instructions can help you teach students to do a cartwheel.

1. One thing you can do to improve and get better is to stretch
2. Another thing you can do is you can do is make sure you have plenty of room, beaches, parks and lawns are good places. (if you don't have a mat
3. Also you can pretend to have a straight line, try to follow that line.
Our topic is about gymnastics and our goals on how to get better. You might know how to do some of these things too. We learned some new ways on how to improve, and how to reach our goals to do everything we can. Today we'll be showing you some of the things we learned.

Here's an example
How to do a handstand
Get Involved
Some people know how to do a handstand aready, but here are some tips for how to do a handstand.
If there is a gymnastics group or cheer leading tryouts, do it! You want to get active and participate and learn more skills!
1. Find a good/flat spot to do a handstand.
How to A Back bend
A back bend (or bridge) these are simple, Just read these tips!
1. One step is to stretch well before you try a back bend.
2. Another step is to do a bridge before the back bend.
3. Another tip is to make sure you have enough room, like on a beach, mat, lawn, or a park
Here's and example
2. Then stand comfortably with your feet at least a foot apart.
How Do I Know If I'm Doing this Right?
What you could do is look at photos of
acrobats doing a back bend or a cartwheel, compare yourself to that acrobat, you may not look exactly like the acrobats, just the may look similar.
How To do A Round Off
3.Take a step foward then lean on your dominate leg and kick off with your non-dominate leg.
When you learn a cartwheel, you'll be able to do a round off, a round off is when you do a cartwheel, but bfore you land, launch yourself up and land with your feet together.
1. Make sure you stretch
2. Make sure you have a lot of room
3. Don't do a round off in a small space
Here's An Example
1. The first way to get better is to get a spot.
1.) Get a friend or a coach to spot you
2.) Do this often (2-4 times a week)
3.) Soon you'll get it by yourself
You may notice that every move you do you need to stretch. You need to stretch because you don't want to pull a muscle. Also you may notice that every move needs room. You don't want to knock your leg on a chair. These steps are number one to follow, to make sure your safe!
Safety first!!
How to do a back flip
How to do a front flip
Some people may be scared to do the front flip because of landing on an ankle or landing on a part of the body that can be injured. Some times people prefer to use a trampoline if they can't do one on the mat.
You can do a backflip on a trampoline, grass, and a mat. Here are some basic directions.
1. Jump up and down to get your mind on what you need to do before you jump backwards.
2. Make sure your on a safe surface, like a mat.
3. Make sure someone is spotting you when you do this for your first time.
Thank you!
We really apprectiate you listening. Thank you so much! Are there any questions?
Here's an example
Some equipment you may need is a mat and a balance beam, a balance beam may help you do a cartwheel straighter, make sure you have someone with you when your on it. The rainbow helps you improve back bend. The mail box is something you go over during a back bend. The wedge helps you do a handstand roll. The springboard is bouncy for a back tuck. The wedge block can be used in any way. Bars help you do cool tricks. And the rest are used for anything!
Not only is equipment important when your practicing at a gym or other place you do gymnastics, you might want to get some for yourself and here are some reasons why:

practicing is key, practice more often for better, quicker improvement
if you miss a practice or day you should have been going to a gym ect., your covered for what you missed
Its good exercise! Everyone could use a little exercise, and more equipment can improve that
(If your not that kind of person who gets exercise and you can't find an activity or sport that will help, this may be right for you, you don't need to sign up for anything that will cost you money, something easy like a youtube video is all you need)
1. Have some one spotting you when you do one
2. Do it on a bouncy or safe surface
3. Stretch so you don't pull a muscle
How to do a one handed cartwheel

Okay, A one handed cartwheel is challenging, but when you can do a cartwheel, try a one handed cartwheel.
1. Warm up and stretch before you try the one-handed cartwheel.
2.Keep your arms straight. Careful with your wrists. Try this on mats first.
3.Keep your abdominals tight throughout the entire exercise and fully extend your knees
2. Another way to improve is to set yourself basic, reasonable goals.
Example of the handstand
Here's An Example

Example of a frontflip
Why Do You Need A Spotter
1.) You'll get better quicker, taking small steps is important
2.) It's good to keep improving, and keep working daily or weekly
3.) These goals will be reasonable, so you will be confident in doing them
You need a spotter so you don't get hurt, Would anyone like to come up to show how to spot?
Would anyone like to come up and do anything they know how to do or share things they can do?
3. Stretch.
1.) Stretching will make you more flexible so gymnastics will be easier
2.) This prevents injuries
3.) It will make your skills better and prettier


1.) This will build the muscles you need to do skills
2.) This will improve your endurance
3.) You will become stronger in general but being strong is an important factor in gymnastics

5.) Have confidence.

1.) Everyone is more likely to do something hard with confidence
2.) Once you physically know how to do a skill, you have to mentally have confidence
3.) Always believe in yourself
6.) Never give up.
1.) You may get frustrated at times, but that does not mean give up and throw away all your hard work
2.) To achieve the goals you want to achieve, you have to keep trying
3.) The key to do anything you want is to never give up
7.) Give 100% into everything you do.
When you don't have confidence, you can't do anything gymnastics related, not even a handstand!
Make Sure you have lots of confidence
1. Trying your hardest will never hurt you
2. All this does is improve you
3. Your muscle memory will remember your skills correctly
8.) Take Tumbling.
1. Having lessons will tell you what you need to fix so you don't do anything wrong
2. You'll need someone other than your own perspective to have good skills
3. You will improve quicker with professional help
9.) Practice

1. Practicing is super important in being a cheerleader or gymnast
2. Practice whenever you have free time
3. Practicing is key

People who work as Gymnastic teachers get about 39,000 per year.
Whenyour teaching someone how to do gymnastics, you need to spot them. Thats a good tip for beginning teachers because if you hurt your "patient" then you won't be able to teach correctly.
So a gymnastics teacher normally teaches you skills based on your level.
Good Tips
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