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Juic3D IT (All Stars)

No description

Juic3D IT Pte Ltd

on 27 December 2013

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Transcript of Juic3D IT (All Stars)

* For Kids Only
To provide quality enrichment course for kids through our innovative and thoughtful pedagogy.
Our AR technology workshop
Solving daily problems with
Improving daily tasks with
Prototype your creations
Share your
work internationally in our Juic3D Portal
Our 3D Printing workshop
The team behind it
The Juicy Ninja
The Juicy Rocketeer
Game Design and Development Specialist
Idea Generator
The Managing Guy
3D Development Specialist
Technology Generator
The Operation Guy
User Experience Specialist
Fun Generator
The Business Woman
The Juicy Monster
It's in You
To become Singapore’s leading 3D enrichment centre that provides one of the most innovative learning experience for children of all ages through tangible fun.
Nurturing Today's talent
Juic3D IT will be providing innovative applied-technology programmes to students aged 9 – 13 years old. The outcome is to allow students to solve real-world problems, for instance, using cutting edge technologies like using 3D tools, Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D printer to design a better product or system in a creative manner. These programmes will be an attractive option for bright and creative students who enjoy learning through experimentation and problem-solving process. Juic3D IT will also want to nurture young inventor and entrepreneurs by letting students design, create, produce in our workshop and sell their ideas online through our Juic3D portal.
Nurturing Today's talent
Juic3D IT provides highly innovative technology programmes to kids aged 9 to 13 years old. Students of Juic3D IT will experience real-life problems in the workshops, and expand their creative minds and imagination to design a solution to answer the brief. To realise their imagination, the students gets to execute their projects via cutting edge technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Printing. These creative programmes equip students with high technology skills and to present and actualize their ideas. Through experimentation and problem-solving activities, these programmes serves to assist in the learning portion for every kid. Juic3D IT fosters today's talent by allowing students to sell their ideas online through Juic3D portal, uncovering young inventors and entrepreneurs during the course of attending the programmes.
No idea is a silly idea
Print out and test your innovation
Understand in depth of how things work
Unleash your Entrepreneur spirit with Juic3D portal
Student will learn to understand more about a particular problem that needs to be solved,as well as the feelings and perspectives of others.
Students will learn to breakdown the problem into bite-sized components and then define all the possible solutions to the problem.
Brainstorming! Students will learn how to come up with ideas and refine them into applicable solutions to their identified problems.
Students will create their solutions and be encouraged to question their idea and polish it through various iterations.
Students will learn the importance of sharing their ideas and innovations to the world through our Juic3D Portal so that others may build upon them.
The future of learning that we believe
Technologies are pulling graphics out of your television screen and computer display and integrating them seamlessly into your environment. This cutting edge technology is called Augmented Reality (AR)
3D printer is a device that can create three dimensional object through a digital model. Unlike conventional 2D/paper printer, 3D printer can continue to add layers to the first printing till the object is fully created.
How AR works
How 3D Printing works
Copyrights of Juic3D IT Pte Lte 2013
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