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7 ways you can innovate

how to make innovation happen

Krishna Kumar

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 7 ways you can innovate

7 paths to innovation

Krishna Kumar
@kkumarkg The most famous car today is... Tata Nano – 15 L
Maruti 800 – 28 L
Hyundai Santro – 35 L
Ford Ikon – 45 L
Skoda Octavia – 55 L 1. Innovation is questioning the not-so-obvious 2. Innovation is not a flash of realisation it could take years of toil.. Jagdish Prasad Parikh 3. The innovator could be some one else... Antony Fadell 4. Innovation could be in the delivery medium... Obama's ability to capitalize on a sustained wave of online support has enabled him to spend almost all of his time campaigning.

Clinton has attended more than a dozen fundraisers since Jan. 1, and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, has appeared at more than 40, while Obama and his wife have attended fewer than 10 during that time.

- Washington Post 5. Innovation could be in the message... what makes a cartoon successful? catch a trend

start a story develop it finally... anti climax! 6. Innovation could be in the material... Haji Qumr – ud – din, weaver 7. Innovation could be in the method... once upon a time… there was a small unknown company called… google it's best to do one thing really, really well Before I finish... Innovations need investments... Finally... innovation needs belief. Thankyou

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