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Warby Parker_11.18.13

No description

Ekaette Edet

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Warby Parker_11.18.13

Warby Parker
World's largest eyewear company
Dominates worldwide eyewear industry with
80% global market share
7000 optical and sun retail stores in United States alone, and thousands more in Europe, Asia, Africa
Expanding to travel retail market and to nations with emerging economies
Giorgio Armani
Dolce & Gabbana
& many more...
Licensing rights :
Making a footprint in the eyewear industry...
Provide an alternative to the over-priced and unvaried eye wear market
Give consumers a break by cutting out the middleman
Perform incredible CSR initiatives
Lack brand awareness
Narrow target audience
Lack accessibility
Limited market and product innovation
Emerging imitators
Increase brand awareness
Expand target audience to broaden consumer base
Utilize social media and traditional media more effectively to promote initiatives
Increase market share
An Integrated Communications Plan
Presented by Makovsky
Bar Cudkevich
Kai Edet

Global Reach in 96 Cities
Proprietary brands:
Ray Ban, Oakley, Persols
Framing a new outlook .
Deep experience in public relations
Current Outlook
Rebellious start-up
Cater only to "hipster" demographic in major urban centers
Inaccessible because of lack of retail locations
Affordable, yet otherwise undifferentiated glasses
New Outlook
High-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point,
But, not "just glasses."
Warby Parker is
eyewear with a purpose
When the consumer makes a purchase, he or she is making a small change in the world.
Partnership with
to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.
Partnership with
Pencils of Promise
, a non-profit devoted to building schools in the developing world.
New Outlook For Younger Generation
An Integrated Approach
Warby Parker sponsors 2014
Social Media
Do you want to be
Middle Schoolers
High schoolers
Gift bags with sunglasses for celebrities in attendance
Warby Parker brings 50 winners of Your School- Your Challenge- Your Impact campaign to the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
Teen Choice Awards
Introduction of the Warby Parker "Do Good" Award
Expand reach to new target audiences
Consumers do not get a break.
At LensCrafters, the average cost for a pair of frames and lenses is about $300. You may think -- well, there's choice in the mall for other glasses. But Luxottica doesn't only own the top eyewear chain in the country, it owns another large chain: Pearle Vision, and Oliver Peoples, and several boutique chains. And it runs Target Optical and Sears Optical. And we're not done, Luxottica also owns Sunglass Hut - the largest sunglass chain in the world."
-LensCrafters' president, Mark Weikel
Online eyewear sales make up
less than 2% of the industry
as of July 2013, according to the Vision Council. (Yahoo! Finance)
Day-time talk show media tour:
Your School - Your Challenge - Your Impact
New Outlook For Younger Generation
Give day-time talk show hosts a "hipster" makeover
Outreach and Gift bags to top Mommy Bloggers
Own a variety of eyewear retailers:
Eyewear Market at a Glance
1. Mama in Heels
2. Ava Grace's Closet
3. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic
4. Mum on the Run
5. Because Shanna Said So
6. Little Miss Mama
7. ModaMama
8. Mommy in Heels
10. Vodka Infused Lemonade
11. Knocked Up Fabulous
12. Sandy a la Mode
13. Dearest Lou
14. good life for less
15. Blushing Basics
16. Get Your Pretty On
17. Itsnotthatdeep
18. Get Pretty with Laura
19. Haute Child in the City
20. Chasing Davies
21. modern suburbanites
22. MerciBlahBlah
23. Shannon Heart's
24. Goodies & Besties
25. Plane Pretty

Media Relations:
Top tier reporters on education and philanthropy to cover Warby Parker CSR initiatives
Setting up American public schools

with sister schools in need abroad:
Announcement of wider style array of glasses:
"With the new funding, Warby Parker is working on new eyeglasses, including titanium frames and progressive eyeglasses (a newer take on bifocals), which it hopes will attract a new set of customers beyond 20-something urbanites, says a source close to the company. The source also says the cash will go toward the first dedicated Warby Parker retail store in New York City, and if everything goes well, new stores in other locales will follow." - Wired
Earth Day Contest:
Who You Are
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