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All about me

No description

Brittany Reeves

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of All about me

All about me
The saddest day of my life?
The saddest day ever was when i lost my 12 year old little cousin to an asthma attack. I really miss her a lot and i really hope she is doing OK up there.
What is my goal for high school
My goal is to do better than last year. Not just do enough to get by but, to really work hard and pass.
What college i want to go to and what do i want to major in?
What school i go to and grade
Howard High School
play basketball,draw, watch t.v and play drums
Favorite foods
Pizza,Chicken and Noodles
My family grandma,papa,aunties,5 cousins ,little sister and then my mom
My name is Brittany Marie Reeves and I'm 14 years old. I was born on April 20,2000 in Macon, G.A at the Macon coliseum.
I'm i very cool person. People think just because i am really tall that I'm mean but I'm a really cool person once you get to know me.
My dream college is duke university. I want to major in crime scene investigation.
I have a lot of those but I'm learning that as I grow up I find out who my real friends are.
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